ID thief on lam found at swanky hotel

Posted on May 9, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The suspect in an regional ID theft operation successful enough to get the attention of the Secret Service and Homeland Security is in federal custody, three days after eluding authorities by ramming a police car in the parking lot a San Pablo apartment building.

Jasmine Mitchell was tracked to a Tiburon hotel Thursday and arrested after a brief struggle. Detectives found in her possession numerous counterfeit credit cards, cash, and methamphetamine. Papers in her purse suggesting she was preparing to flee the country, officials said.

Authorities tried to arrest Mitchell, tied to a spree of identity thefts in Sonoma County and beyond, on Tuesday. A tip lead Sonoma County Sheriff’s Detectives to a San Pedro apartment with warrants for her and Roy Kim. Kim, 34, was also on parole for possession of stolen property, and wanted in Santa Clara for commercial burglary.

A search of the apartment uncovered a large-scale identity theft/credit card operation. Four subjects, including Harley Logsdon, on probation out of Napa County for forgery, were inside at the time.

During the search, Mitchell arrived at the apartment complex parking lot in a Mercedes. When detectives attempted to arrest her, she rammed her car into an unmarked police vehicle, and struck another car before speeding away. Kim was located in a taxi in the city of Richmond and was arrested by Sonoma County Detectives.

The search for Mitchell included a canvass of expensive hotels in Contra Costa County and Marin County. At 6 p.m. on Thursday, authorities were at the Lodge at Tiburon when Mitchell arrived to check in.

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