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Just finished reading Katy Byrne’s column about “death” in the Sun newspaper. I am in agreement with Katy that the deceased should be remembered in positive, happy and memorable ways. However, it does not preclude the fact that you should be in denial about how that person lived, and, per chance, that that person may have had a longer life had he/she changed their lifestyle.

When a person is diagnosed with a condition, and they do not heed their doctor’s advice, their death does not come as a surprise. As far as people who live totally organic lives are concerned, was their mental/emotional state just as positive, or were they partaking in recreational drugs which, for the most part, contain 40 times the amount of carcinogens cigarettes have. Not to deny the fact that some people have a genetic predisposition to certain diseases, they may be able to curb their tendency to manifest it if they changed their lifestyle habits.

My father was one such person. Having had a neglected upbringing, with fatty food during his youth, he was a young man of 25 with many chronic illnesses, and developing heart disease by the time he was 40. At the time of his first heart attack at age 40, he scrupulously followed his doctors’ advice, stopped smoking, curtailed high-fat and salty foods and meditated instead of taking tranquilizers. He lived to be 80! Incredible!
Jill A. White
Sonoma, CA

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