Police blotter: Plaza chase; plight of suburban rapper; and more

Posted on July 2, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

In the back of his drug-addled mind, the man must have known that driving a silver Chevy Camaro, with a super loud exhaust, down Broadway at 1:45 a.m. wasn’t the best way to avoid attention. Running away from cops, only to be tackled after a foot chase through Sonoma Plaza, wasn’t the smartest move, either. The man had panicked when, after being pulled over early on June 27, it was quickly determined that he was under the influence of a stimulant — most likely the meth from a bindle found in his pants. He was jailed for the DUI, drug possession and resisting arrest.

Plight of the suburban rapper

Alarmed by song lyrics that rhymed “lesson” with “Smith and Wesson” and described graphic gunplay, an anonymous listener forwarded the amateur rap tune – recorded and posted to the web by a Sonoma teenager – to police, worried that it was a threat to a rival. That teen said there was no animosity between the two, and that he took no offense to the song. The rapper’s parents, likewise, said the boy was a good student and athlete, and that they were unaware of any deep-seated hostility. With no victim, the investigation, like the career of most white, suburban rap artists, quickly fizzled out.

Hide and seek

A confused, disturbed Sonoma woman frustrated police by hiding in her house, then later that day (June 24) locking herself in a parked car in front of the Swiss Hotel. The antics of the 65-year-old began with an emergency call to police. When officers arrived at her home, she refused to let them in. Later that day, she made repeated and randomly inappropriate visits to the office of the Best Western on Second Street West. The manager called police; another complaint came from a patron of the nearby Chevron gas station, who reported that the woman, driving an Accura, had pulled up and said her husband was after her, with a gun. The story was pure fiction. When police caught up with her, she refused to open the door of the parked car, screaming, yelling and honking the horn. After 10 minutes of requests and warnings, the cops broke the window, whereupon the woman unlocked the door and emerged. The bizarre escapades landed the woman in jail for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. Her mental faculties will be evaluated.

Calendar girl

A Napa woman plowed her Smart Car into a Ford Focus on Napa Road, causing major damage to both vehicles but no injuries. She was indeed feeling no pain; officers eventually arrested her for driving under the influence of prescription narcotics. One clue: when asked what day is it was (Sunday, June 22), she replied “Friday.” Other tests, and a bottle of Hydrocodone in her purse, confirmed the DUI. Other charges included driving without a license – that had been yanked after a prior DUI. She was also driving without insurance, or the court-ordered locking ignition system which, when actually used, blocks drunks from starting their cars. She was jailed.

Home for the evening

Police responding to the report of a fire behind Rite Aid on June 21 found instead an impromptu camp-out, with a 37-year-old vagrant sleeping amid a foul nest of debris and detritus. The trash, he proclaimed, was his. So was a citation for illegal dumping.

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