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Posted on July 3, 2014 by Submitted

It is hard to believe you could go to an event in Sonoma that actually cost less than $5 bucks at the gate. Growing up in Upstate New York our family of seven boys and one girl was immersed in baseball our entire childhood summers. Our knotty pine family room was piled with bats, team hats, leather gloves and baseball cleats. (My glove was fortunately the only lefty). Growing up, our parents always said we could do anything that cost $5 bucks or less which translated then into birding, baseball and boy scouts! We could actually field our own team so it was impossible during the summer not to be competing against each other, with a brother as a referee or our Dad, who coached little league baseball for 28 years. Mom and my sister had quite a balancing act. Even our older brothers eventually coached some of us. Those were the halcyon summer days when our three seater Ford station wagon was always packed with adventures, Junior Audubon was very alive and so was Scouting. Opening night at Hap Arnold’s Baseball Field could easily have been a cover for the Saturday Evening Post… a great rush of good memories all for $3 bucks in the bleachers. Welcome back.
tom rusert

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