Anderson submits new hotel plans

Posted on August 6, 2014 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Hotel Project Sonoma Restaurant with Description
Keeping the number of rooms at 59 but reducing the overall building footprint by nearly half, developer Darius Anderson’s Kenwood Investments LLC has submitted revised plans to the city for a hotel in the 100 block of West Napa Street.

The plans have been radically altered since the previous version was withdrawn before the Measure B election. Hotel parking will now be largely underground instead of at ground level. The event center has been eliminated entirely, a truck loading dock added within the project area, and egress to First Street West available from the underground parking. The Index Tribune building will not be torn down, but it’s old printing plant building will be removed. The tin-sided antique store on West Napa will also be torn down.

According to a company statement, the project’s planning and design approach is consistent with Sonoma’s General Plan policies and Development Code guidelines, and no variances are required.

“Over the last year, we heard what the community was asking for in this project and listened,” Anderson said. “The new project design is reduced in size, appeals to both residents and visitors… and will create well-paying jobs. We are ready to move forward with the planning process.”

Next stop: the Sonoma Planning Commission meeting on August 14.

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