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Springs paint jobs are “here to stay”

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Sonoma Valley Sun

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Last night, a public meeting was held regarding the recent brightly colored face lifts on buildings in the Springs. Delaney Gold-Diamond, advocate for the new facelifts, created a petition to support the project, which received over 270 signatures in less than 24 hours. Gold-Diamond shared her thoughts on the discussion last night and has declared a “victory” for the project.


Hello everyone, I want to talk about two victories that happened last night.

First, I think the amount of people who signed this petition is a victory in itself. Yesterday morning I woke up with only 80 supporters, and this morning I found almost 300. This is especially amazing in light of the fact that the opposing petition has been basically stagnant for the last three days.

Furthermore, based on what we heard from the county officials, it seems that the paint is here to stay, which is fantastic news for the Springs and the whole Valley Community. There was a lot of arguing last night, about colors, race, “processes.” However, ultimately, freedom of expression won out. Even if neon orange isn’t your favorite color, this is a victory for local business here in the valley.

I’m also surprised and thrilled that my comments received so much support at the meeting last night. It meant a lot to be so welcomed in such a tense public forum, and I’m sure those interrupting people feel pretty silly now.

I’m in awe of my community. A thousand thanks for engaging with and supporting my efforts. I hope to see all of you at the next meeting!

And, as I said in my most recent Facebook status…

Freedom of Expression: 1
Monotonous Bigotry: 0

Delaney Gold-Diamond

2 thoughts on “Springs paint jobs are “here to stay”

  1. I am humbled by the turn out at Monday night’s meeting and the positive response and support of my work for this community. One of the core ideas behind this project and my company wONEder is to show that when you place creativity and ART in the center of a so called ‘Problem’, you will be amazed at how many areas will actually be addressed, transformed and healed. Judging by the large turn out, I see this as a positive opportunity for community involvement in developing the future of the Springs. I look forward to participating with you in the process!

    With gratitude,

    Rico Martin

  2. I was unable to attend the meeting, but so glad the updated painting of our businesses is here to stay. I think it is a reflection of our community’s cultural diversity, character, and an overall improvement for our corridor. I hope to see more wonderful and unique updates that express our community. Let’s not only support the updates – Let’s shop at/support our local businesses as well.

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