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Why Measure M matters

Posted on November 3, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Measure M is a carefully constructed initiative for Sonoma County. Elements not addressed in the previous measure have been addressed. Measure M excludes purchase of human or animal food, vaccinations and medical treatments. It focuses on preventing crop contamination and protecting our farmers who don’t want to accidentally grow GMO. There is no cost involved except to the farmer violates by planting GMO crops.

Genetic modification is the process of forcing genes from one species into another entirely unrelated species. Unlike cross breeding or hybridization—both of which involve two related species and have been done without ill effects for centuries—genetic engineering forcefully breaches the naturally occurring barriers between species.

Sonoma County is largely organic- a fact that many residents and visitors enjoy and want.

If Measure M is not passed, more genetically engineered crops will be grown. Roundup use will increase. It’s required for most GMO crops. Soil and water supplies will continue to be contaminated (already over the original EPA limit on glyphosate.) GMO crops cannot co-exist with organic or conventional crops. Pollen spreads several miles by wind, birds and bees. Coexistent regulations require organic farmers to leave a 660’ buffer zone, plant at a different time, test crops, and take other steps to protect their crops from GMO contamination. This is an extremely unfair burden for Non-GMO farmers! Many organic farmers across the US have lost income or been forced to go out of business due to GMO crop contamination.

Some farmers including the Farm Bureau closely tied to big –Ag are against Measure M stating they should have the freedom to grow GMO’s. However, this freedom violates the freedoms of other farmers and puts their farm and livelihood at stake with contamination of GMO pollen and risk of Roundup contamination.

Prevent problems before they occur. Vote Yes on Measure M.

Deanne Luzaich, Santa Rosa

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