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Enough with leaf blowers already

Posted on November 22, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

With all the turmoil and real problems in this country/state/county/city, I am shocked and disappointed that this leaf blower issue is still being dealt with and discussed.

Everyone that employs a gardener, please pay him extra to leave that thing in his truck and do whatever they need to do to not blow all that STUFF (whatever it consists of), around the neighborhood. I’ve watched some of them blow the stuff into the next yard, load up and leave.

Wow. That’s the price of living in God’s Country, people. Let’s step up to the plate, pay your gardener more, (it’s only money. What ya gonna do, die with all of it?) Let’s get it off the plate of local problems and move on to something really important. Ya know what? There’s hungry people right here locally. Let’s help em out. Thank you for your time. Praise the Lord.

Reverend M. Wicks, commenting on Measure V letter

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