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Keep rainwater out of sewer pipes

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sonoma County water agency [SCWA] sanitations department has been working on increasing the main sewer pipe size from the plant in Vineberg to somewhere north to 36”. Presently, the agency spends 3-4 million dollars per year to extend the new increased pipe size toward Glen Ellen. The pipe starting at the latest pipe extension is 21”. The sewer system works as designed during normal rainless conditions.

However, when rain begins to fall, sewer overflows in the Bokman Court area and other areas. The sewage flows into the creek resulting in fines to the sanitation district. The new pipe size increase is scheduled to reach the Bokman Court area in 15 years.

The homeowners from Broadway Market to Glen Ellen can resolve this problem by disconnecting rain leader connections to the sewer. The rain leaders attached to your roofs are creating huge spikes in sewage treatment at the sewer plant; along with new housing.

The simple solutions of extending rain leaders with 3” light weight flex drain pipe toward the street is highly recommended. The pipe can be rolled up, covered and stored during the summer months. If homeowners follow this suggested course of action, the district and rate payers will benefit through reduced fines and lower sewer rate increases.


Ron Prushko, Glen Ellen


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