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Believes Mayor Hundley not honest about Tuesday Market

Posted on December 26, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Just because Mayor Hundley says it is so, does not make it so. I find it hard to believe anyone is truly this out of touch. Maybe she can evade the conflict of interest issue as a “legality” but she cannot evade it as unethical and questionable at best. What she and other council members are doing regarding the market is unethical and lacks transparency. Saying over and over that it is transparent and it is okay doesn’t make it true.
The ethics and judgement of several members of the current City Council are beyond questionable at this point. I hope the voters remember this the next time they are at the voting polls. Perhaps if our mayor was actually a member of the Sonoma community for a enough time to truly connect, understand the local history of specific issues and people, she would have a deeper understanding and respect for the community which is an important asset to have as a mayor. She is clearly demonstrating she just doesn’t get it. She should recuse herself as a sign of good faith to the community she serves and answers to.
– Celeste Winders (via Facebook)

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