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Water overflow poses disease threat

Posted on January 25, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

When it rains heavy in Sonoma Valley, the children love to walk through the puddles playing. The problem lies with a risk of disease removing footwear after this activity. The risk is increased by the sewage overflows from manholes in the street.

During a December rain storm, some of the manholes observed overflowing into the street were: Vailetti at Bella Vista; across the street from charter school in Fetters; in the street a St Leo’s Church; and Highway 12, between a piazza eatery and fast food establishments.

I respectfully request parents and teachers to have the children wash their hands thoroughly after removing footwear. This will help prevent serious disease.

Once again, property owners having downspouts connected to the Sonoma Valley sanitary sewer should redirect the path of rain water to the street. This water does not have raw sewage. This would help prevent a disease outbreak in the community.

The property owners’ connected to Sonoma Valley sanitation System are requested to do what you can to alleviate this risk. Specifically, property owners in the City of Sonoma, Temelec area, El Verano, Boyes, Fetters, SDC and Glen Ellen need to look at the roof downspout discharge. The proposed sewer lateral ordinance will not resolve this high risk immediately. Property owners can help!

Ron Prushko

Boardmember, Valley of the Moon Water District


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