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‘A performance students will remember all their lives’

Posted on February 13, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Members of the AXIS Dance Company perform for El Verano School students as part of Sonoma Community Center’s Playhouse program.
Founded in 1987 in Oakland, California, AXIS Dance Company is one of the world’s leading and most innovative ensembles of dancers with and without disabilities.  Paving the way for physically integrated dancers, AXIS shares its artistic and education/outreach work with thousands annually all over the world.
unnamedThe February 7 performance, attended by some 100 fourth and fifth graders, was held at Sonoma Veterans Memorial Hall because it is equipped with a wheel chair lift to bring performers to the stage.
Dozens of enthusiastic students took to the stage several times, dancing alongside company members.
The Company’s six members brought high energy improvisational and choreographed dances to the stage, then ended the performance with an honest question and answer period.
“This is a performance these students will remember for the rest of their lives,” said SCC Executive Director John Tamiazzo.
The Center’s Playhouse performance series is made possible by generous funding from Sonoma Wine Country Weekend.


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