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Sun on the Street

Posted on February 15, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun
The Sun  asked: “Could you give up meat if you learned it was better for your health and the environment?”
unnamed-5“I’d probably give up meat. I think there are substitutes that could fill in.”
Matthew McHale, Sonoma
unnamed-6“Maybe for a limited time, but probably not forever. I love meat, chicken, fish. I’ve cut back on red meat.”
Dane Brozovich, Sonoma
unnamed-7“Sure. I don’t eat meat much anyway, and I haven’t for years.”
Claudia Robbins, Sonoma
unnamed-8“I already know it’s better for my health and the environment but I eat some anyway. My diet is more vegetable based and I don’t believe in factory farming.”
Carolyn Amanzi, Glen Ellen


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