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Dramatic gesture

Posted on February 17, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun


022317_moment_project pink pic

With a giant prop worthy of a Broadway production, Sonoma Arts Live’s Jaime Love, third from left, presents a donation of $2,010 to the Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation’s Project Pink, which provides no-cost and low-cost mammograms to women in need.

Also pictured, from left: Maralee Ebert, David Pier, Love, Deborah Emory, Jennifer Wood and Nancy Chimsky. The donation was raised through the theatre company’s “Calendar Girls Project.”

The calendar, with photos captured at the Emery Estate in Sonoma by photographer Miller Oberlin, featured 12 Sonoma women posing playfully for a 2017 calendar. The idea was generated by the success of twelve British women who in the 1990s came up with the idea of posing for a calendar to raise money for a worthy cause.

That effort in turn inspired the play “Calendar Girls,” which was performed last spring as part of the Sonoma Arts Live 2016 season. “This project was a labor of love, and we are so grateful to the women of Sonoma who stepped out of their comfort zone for a great cause,” says Project Coordinator Maralee Ebert.

The Sonoma calendar girls were: Cynthia Frank; Nancy Chomsky; Carol Patterson; Julie Forstadt; Jennifer Wood; Lori Bailey; Jaime Love; Maralee Ebert; Laela French; Paula Parks; Gemma Gallovich; Diana Tate; and Deborah Emery.

“What a wonderful gift,” said Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director Dave Pier “We are grateful that their support of the Project Pink program will have significant impact by helping to ensure access to mammography for all women in Sonoma Valley.”

Love conveyed a special thank you to the sponsors of each of the calendar pages: Community donation for Breast Cancer Fund, Julie Fordstadt, DDS, Jennifer Wood for Sebastiani Theater, Glen Lyon Winery, Sonoma Arts Live, Friends of Laela French for the Theater School, Jason Parks and Dr Jeffrey Parks in memory of their grandmother who died of breast cancer, Kat’s Meow, Sisters Consignment, Nicholson Ranch Winery, Kimberly Hubenette, DDS MACD, and Corner 103.



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