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Ticket takers

Posted on March 6, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

waking ned devine

Monday, March 13. In “Waking Ned Devine,” David Kelly and Ian Banned conspire to collect for their small Irish village the lottery winnings of neighbor Ned Devine, who dropped dead – winning ticket in hand, smile on face – after learning of his (quite temporary) good fortune.

The scheme to fool the visiting lottery inspector with a false, living ‘Ned’ involves all 51 of the villagers and includes a funeral (a staple of the British black comedy), a wild motorcycle ride by a naked 70-year-old man, and a fortuitous car-meets-phone booth collision. In short, a charming, very English comedy from first-time director Kirk Jones.

“When the film was finished,” he said, “we put it in the boot of a car and drove to Cannes where we screened it and sold it.” Critic Roger Ebert called the 1998 release “one of those delightful village comedies that seem to spin out of the British Isles annually.” $10. Monday, March 13,7 p.m. Sebastiani Theatre. 476 First St. E. Sonoma. 707.996.9756.


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