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Louann Carlomagno Louann Carlomagno is the Superintendent of the Sonoma Valley Unified School District.


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School district mobile app reaches parents on the go

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Louann Carlomagno

Communication is paramount in education. In the past, before technology such as cell phones, computers, and the internet, communication was simple, although not always effective. (Remember backpack mail?) To increase our communication effectiveness with teachers, administrators and parents, we are launching a school-wide mobile application.

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. Five years ago, mobile applications, otherwise known as apps, barely existed. Furthermore, we had begun the implementation of our 21st Century learning projects. So much has changed in just five short years. Our mobile app is a great example of our commitment to utilizing technology to benefit our families.

What do the shifts in technology adoption and use mean for our educators, schools, students and families? While the answer is multifaceted, I am excited to say we are a district that sees an incredible opportunity in leveraging technology.

In fact, it makes me proud that with technology, we are preparing our students for college and 21st Century Careers. Our students and families are among the most tech savvy. That’s exciting to me!

The United States Department of Education supports the use of handheld devices in educational settings. But also 9 percent of all adults in the U.S. own a mobile device. For this reason, we recognized how mobile technology could shape our communication with families.

I’m excited to announce the rollout of a district-wide mobile app. It is being piloted at Altimira this month. Altimira Principal Deeths commented, “Within a few minutes of advertising the ability to download the app, we were already receiving comments from parents. They love the ease of it, the fact that all the information about their student is all in one place.”

The district mobile app is an exciting communication tool, for which parents can view across multiple schools, their student’s grades, contact teachers, view lunch menus, and receive alerts and more.

Once we address any issues with the rollout, the app will be made available to download for all schools. We hope to accomplish this by the end of March. Families will receive instructions and information via peachJar, our paperless flyer tool, phone, email, and regular mail. We will also use social media to spread the news.

Ultimately, the continuum of technological improvements continues to evolve and our school district is committed to moving along with it. Effective communication with students, parents, and families remains a priority.

I welcome your feedback and am happy to talk with you if would like to discuss technology, the mobile app, or anything else school related. Please feel free to contact me at the district office. I can be reached at 707-935-6000.


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