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Springs highway and traffic plan

Posted on April 5, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

After the latest center turning lane has been installed, from Encina Way to Agua Caliente Road, I think traffic flow has definitely improved from the previous condition (pre-center turning lane) except for stubborn people that still park illegally on the bike lanes.

I have always suggested that to relieve parking issues, we need to be thinking like the City of Santa Rosa did several decades ago, and grow up vertically. It would be very beneficial to have a multi-level parking structure on the proposed “plaza” site between Armando’s and the Post Office building by Boyes Boulevard. I understand some people do not like the idea, but perhaps a more expensive, multi-level underground parking structure would be better, still leaving space for the “plaza” at street level (a win-win situation for the majority of people).

Now it’s all question of money, and since the County already owns that piece of land, if we push hard enough, maybe 20-30 years from now we will have both a great highway and the much needed parking? It took that long to just get the first section of Hwy 12 improved with sidewalks. One can only hope, hopefully during my lifetime, that the County can find enough money to fund the project.

 Marco Valietti


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