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SV Hospital is a gem

Posted on April 6, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

photo (2)I write again to give all the people connected with Sonoma Valley Hospital sincere compliments.

Recently I was there with a patient for a simple surgical procedure. The staff was excellent, both in knowledge and service. From the admission receptionist, to the volunteer who wheeled the patient out upon discharge, everyone was present and caring.

As SVH is trying very hard to financially survive to continue hospital care in the valley, they have a particular mission in mind, and how they want the future to look. They said it best in the little bag given to the patient upon discharge. Within it was care for the body and the “soul.” It is their mission to “maintain, improve and restore the health of everyone in our community.”

People of the Valley, SVH is a gem in the making. It’s not a diamond yet, perhaps just amethyst, but it is a gem all the same. They need our support as we need them.

Imagine having to leave our really nice little town whenever we needed medical attention. Imagine all the people that couldn’t do this with any ease at all, the elderly particularly.

Please, recognize a diamond in the making. SVM. They care about you. It’s their bag.

Kim D Bartlett, Sonoma 

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