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Hospital land sale would be short-sighted choice

Posted on July 8, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

A letter to members of the Sonoma Valley Hospital District Board: I am writing to express my strong support for the Community Option for the SV Hospital south lot.

This is the time you must be your higher selves in creating a lasting vision for our valuable community resource. Thinking small now will assure the withering and demise of the hospital we cannot do without. You have the opportunity, that if you pass on now will not come again, to inject new and much needed vitality into an admittedly struggling institution.

Please do not sell the lot for the quick injection of cash it will create. Our entire town will come to regret such a short-sighted choice. Be bold!

Ed Clay, Sonoma





2 thoughts on “Hospital land sale would be short-sighted choice

  1. Sell if for a profit! Then give yourselves a bonus for making the Parcel Tax happen. You deserve it for sure!

  2. I sincerely hope the hospital board members read this short and very real letter. Simply put, yet it tells the whole story. And in addition, please read the comment from johnjdp, this also tells a story. He is one of the most vocal let’s dump the hospital people out there. His comment says it all for his base and it will energize them as they oppose any future extensions of a parcel tax. As Ed Clay says, it is time to be bold. Use this land for our community, do not sell it to the highest bidder to build more high priced second homes for the wealthy. Sell to the party that will build affordable housing for the community and you can shut the johnjdp’s of Sonoma up for good.

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