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Will the Amazon-Whole foods deal mean better food for all?

Posted on July 10, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Amazon’s move into the grocery marketplace signals that the giant appears poised to realign consumer habits around how we buy quinoa, cereal, and meat in precisely the same way it changed the way we buy books, clothes, and detergent.

It may be the first step to changing just how society shops for food in general.

The deal confirms what organic and other natural food sales trends have shown for years. Americans spent $43 billion on organic foods in 2016—an eight percent more than the previous year. And Whole Foods has positioned itself as an alternative to the mainstream, even as it has worked to reach an increasingly mainstream audience over the last decade.

Continued at Civil Eats.

One thought on “Will the Amazon-Whole foods deal mean better food for all?

  1. Hopefully it will work better than the Sonoma Foods Nugget sale. Miss a great store in town!!!!!!!!!

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