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W. Napa St. Hotel applicant agrees EIR needs more work

Posted on July 15, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

In anticipation of Wednesday night’s continued appeal hearing of the certification of the Planning Commission’s certification of the project EIR, the attorney for the applicant sent a letter to Planning Director David Goodison requesting more work be done on the EIR. In his letter, attorney Les Perry states,  “After careful consideration the applicant has asked me to advise the City that it would be their preference at this point to request the EIR consultant to undertake preparation of a supplemental EIR to add alternatives to the study and consolidate changes to the traffic study.”

This request by the applicant comes on the heels of a lengthy appeal hearing held last month, and continued until this week. While it is up to the city as to which parts of the EIR get revised, the issues highlighted by the appellants have been the lack of a project alternative showing housing and what they called inadequate traffic study and analysis. The commercially-zoned parcel requires that 50% of the built structures be housing, due to the size of the parcel, unless a housing waiver is granted. No waiver has been granted to date.

The appeal hearing is scheduled for 6 pm this coming Wednesday in the Community Meeting Room. Public comment has been closed, unless the City Council chooses to reopen it. Given the surprise turn of events, this may occur. Upholding the appeal would have required the City Council to specify those parts of the EIR to be modified, and specifying modifications will also be necessary in considering the request of the applicant.

The agenda packet may be downloaded here.

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