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Age Hacking: 25 Tips for a Healthier Life

Posted on September 7, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun


When it comes to getting older, the best coping strategy, though not the most practical, is denial. After all, you’re not getting older, you’re getting better — only with more ear hair. Then again, some practical tips could come in handy along the way. Here’s our list:

  • Don’t try to be hip with the lingo – or however you say that these days. Avoid the terms: Freakin, Whatever, Kick It, I’m Like…, LOL, Literally, and As If. And, full disclosure, the word ‘Hack.’
  • 1-taking-photo-of-nameplate-refrigerator-for-webTake a picture with your phone of where you park your car. Bonus tip: a photo of the inside of your refrigerator will help you remember what you need at the store.
  • In photos, avoid the dreaded ‘turkey neck’? Photographers recommend you stick your neck out and tuck your chin down.
  • Use nail polish to paint a colored dot on the end of your mom’s keys to help her remember which one unlocks what.
  • Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies inside the pantry door. Nobody wants to crawl under the sink for that stuff.
  • Save time in the kitchen with these five tools: a really sharp knife; quality food thermometer; pressure cooker; garlic press; pizza delivery on speed-dial.
  • Get the most out of your smart phone. There’s an app (usually free) for just about everything: sending money, scanning documents, planning meals, monitoring grandkids, remembering all your passwords – even tracking how much time you spend on the phone.
  • When a friend borrows a tool or book (or money?), snap a photo of them holding it so you’ll remember later where it went. Just don’t let them borrow your phone.
  • Mark the side of your water bottle by hours so that you can keep track of what you’ve had to drink as you stay hydrated.
  • Give these things up immediately: the mini van, “more cheese,” the third martini, anything super-sized, including French fries and bulk items at Costco.
  • Pamper your feet., you’re going to need them. Buy the best, most comfortable shoes you can, price be damned. Then get a pedicure. If your fancy new shoes get smelly, stick tea bags in them overnight.
  • Put your belt in your pants before you put them on.
  • Have a special place for keys, wallet and remote controls. (There never seem to be an issue with missing purses). PHOTO
  • Don’t wear anything that you think makes you look younger – skinny jeans, pajama bottoms in public, hats, goatees, muscle shirts, stiletto heels – unless it really does make you look younger.
  • And while we’re at it, re-think the yoga pants and bicycle shorts.
  • More things not to do anymore: brag, the splits, Jello-shots.
  • What’s the best use of leftover wine? Actually, it’s a trick question. There is no leftover wine.
  • Make a decision and stand firm. You’ve lived long enough to pick a side.
  • images-2Observe the four keys to heart health you’ve always known but never quite stuck with: Exercise. Don’t smoke. Limit salt. Avoid processed foods.
  • Have sex, if only with yourself. It reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks, strokes, prostate cancer; it boosts emotional health and the immune system, improves sleep, and reduces stress.
  • Do something selfless. Volunteer, donate blood, give money, take a pie to a neighbor.
  • Do something selfish. Shop with abandon at Sonoma Market. Go to a movie on a weekday afternoon. Test drive a Corvette.
  • When creating a password, the latest advice is to forget the random mess of irregular capitalization, special characters and numerals – if you could remember that in the first place. Experts now advise a single, long, string of random words – it’s more memorable, and harder to crack.
  • Find a foolproof way to remember your passwords (and don’t reuse them.)
  • imgres-1Embrace the senior discount. Yes, you’ve earned more through life than 10% off, but it’s a start.

— Val Robichaud

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