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Best night ever!

Posted on September 13, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Photo 1 - Warren and Clara MacQuarrie being celebrated by the audience of the Gala Celebration on Sat Sept 9 at Broadway Under The Stars - photo by Rebecca Jane Call

A special moment at the Broadway Under The Stars Gala Celebration drew a huge ovation from the crowd on Saturday night – the announcement that Warren and Clara MacQuarrie were in the audience, celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.

Photo 3 - Warren and Clara MacQuarrie with performers and staff from Transcendence Theatre Company's Broadway Under The Stars - photo by Rebekah Pearson

Before the show, the Fairfield couple received a special greeting from performers and staff from Transcendence Theatre Company.

Photos by Rebekah Pearson

2 thoughts on “Best night ever!

  1. My husband and I took our close friends to the Broadway Under The Stars show at Jack London State Historical Park. We were helping them to celebrate their 75th Wedding Anniversary.

  2. This was an amazing event at Jack London Park last summer. One of the highlights was when Clara was asked what her secret was to reach 75 years of marriage to the same man and her answer was “Don’t sweat the small
    #@*@ stuff!”
    There is no better place to CELEBRATE any special occasion than Broadway Under the Stars!

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