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Put California-grown products first

Posted on September 15, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Earlier this week, the California state legislature passed Assembly Bill 822 (Caballero), a Farm Bureau sponsored bill. The legislation promotes the purchase of California grown agricultural products by state agencies with the creation of a state purchasing preference in favor of California grown products over products grown in other states or nations.

AB 822 is now pending in Governor Brown’s office and he needs to hear from you, urging him to sign the bill into law.

As we all know, California has continued to increase regulatory burdens and other costs on California farmers and ranchers. Just last year California adopted an unprecedented expansion of overtime rules for farm employees along with adopting the nation’s highest minimum wage. California has the highest farm wage and workplace protections in the nation including paid rest periods, workers compensation insurance coverage, paid sick leave, collective bargaining rights and more. The costs of these programs are in addition to the costs farmers face to meet California’s stringent environmental regulations.

Farm Bureau believes that Governor Brown should recognize the investment farmers and ranchers make in meeting these high standards and commit to supporting California producers and the employees who work on our farms and ranches by purchasing California grown products.

Kim Vail, executive director, Sonoma County Farm Bureau

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