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Sonoma Springs Fire Relief Fund

Posted on November 8, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Our community has been devastated by the most destructive fire in our state’s history and its cost can hardly be defined by numbers on paper. The need for relief is enormous and this is doubly true for our most vulnerable, those without access to private and government aid. The recovery process will take years and a sustained effort to help those in need.

Sonoma Springs Fire Relief Fund, at, has been created to help. We are focusing on creating a community of donors providing a sustained monthly contribution. Our goal is to make sure that there is still help to be had for as long as it is needed. These funds will be used to support the groups and organizations already engaged in direct action with those we are here to support.

Our community is diverse and not everyone has access to the same resources. Many people are now finding themselves deeply affected by the fire and without private insurance or the ability to apply for government aid. Everyone harmed by this tragedy has a right to recover and it will be our collective philanthropy that will see that the most vulnerable among us receive support. We are committed to this cause because we are committed to our community.

This organization has been started completely on the volunteered time of people who are from or have a direct connection to Sonoma. We are community leaders, teachers, residents and expats. Our network is directly connected to the people in this community and we are prepared to adapt our support as their needs change. Join us in building a organization that can make a lasting difference.

There are not words to describe the pain of loss so many are experiencing right now. Neither is there a way to express the beauty in how we have bound together in tragedy. We will remain resilient and rebuild the lives of our entire community.

Cameron Iturri-Carpenter, Sonoma



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