DACA recipients are Americans

Posted on February 13, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

In my view, DACA recipients are Americans. Many were brought here quite young, pre and early grade school age. All their lives they’ve been American, educated and steeped in our American culture. Their functional language is English, many hold degrees, and vast majorities are employed and lead productive lives.

It wasn’t their decision to come here, they’ve played by the rules since they’ve been here, they pose no threat to anyone and they’ve become an integral part of the workforce. They are every bit American in every sense of what that means as everyone else. Do we want to boot close to a million such people from this country; people that we grew up with, went to school with, work with and live next door to?

What is their crime that they should be deported; ripped from their families, friends and the only lives they’ve ever known? This is flat out heartless cruelty compounded with rank stupidity.

That’s just nuts and seriously off the track, not to mention fundamentally immoral. It smacks of the darkest days in Europe before WW2. This is Trump’s vision of “America first,” racist and xenophobic, and it’s echoed by a third of the voting public.

We’re led by people who promulgate hatred and fear. These are dangerous times.

 — Will Shonbrun, Sonoma

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