Help decide what’s next for Maxwell Farms Park

Posted on April 16, 2015
Help decide what's next for Maxwell Farms Park

For reasons which often defy explanation, certain parcels of land repeatedly become focal points for community action, controversy... Continue

Reflections on the Commons

Posted on April 15, 2015
Reflections on the Commons

For a species whose prime adaptation is cooperation, the Commons — lands and resources owned and shared by all — have always... Continue

Whither SDC?

Posted on April 6, 2015
Whither SDC?

In a public meeting about the future of the Sonoma Developmental Center, it seemed clear to the hundreds present, including elected... Continue

Film in the age of Global Harming

Posted on March 20, 2015

The creativity in this year’s Film Festival is a welcome respite from Hollywood’s adolescent fantasmagorical Doomsday epics, whose... Continue

Editorial: A wage we can live with 

Posted on March 4, 2015

The Sonoma County Living Wage Coalition, a group of labor, environmental, political and religious organizations, has asked the County... Continue

Mobilizing the feminine principle

Posted on February 10, 2015

Our local leadership has clearly tilted towards the feminine, with capable and talented women now at the helm of local political offices... Continue

Goals and good intentions

Posted on January 23, 2015
Goals and good intentions

At the end of 2013, Sonoma City Council took another stab at setting goals for itself. The 2014/2015 goals can be found on the City’s... Continue

Creating affordable workforce housing

Posted on January 7, 2015
Creating affordable workforce housing

The demise of Sonoma’s Redevelopment Agency has effectively ended its creation of significant workforce housing, housing that’s... Continue

Our Sonoma Valley family

Posted on December 19, 2014

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are typically times when families celebrate together. Big meals are cooked and eaten, stories... Continue

Searching for community

Posted on November 17, 2014

The word community used pretty freely. We talk about the business community, or the gay community, or the Latino community and so on.... Continue