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We no longer sacrifice human beings in ritual killings for the sake of a good harvest, though given their effects on human health we... Continue

Man of the Year Tom Schmidt with Boy of the Year, Jayden Zentner (John Ash & Co.) Earlier this Spring, legendary Wine Country restaurant... Continue

Bud-Break is very early this year. Normally only the early varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir show signs in March, but this year... Continue

What do the Grateful Dead, Bear Flag Revolt, The Chosen Family, an 8,000-year-old Native American site, a Victorian estate, Camilo... Continue

Dear Dr. Forsythe: Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I discovered that our dog Pinot had a serious abscess around her butt.  We took... Continue

On the color wheel, purple is classified as a secondary color. Secondary colors are created by combining two primary colors. Purple... Continue

The rise of the Fox News/conservative radio network has challenged the traditional assumptions about the standards for political discourse... Continue

If you filed your tax return by April 15, you can exhale, kick back and wait for your refund – if you’re getting one. Here are... Continue

What better example of American Values than if our president pardoned Edward Snowden on the Fourth of July? While that might send local... Continue

Today’s column begins with several updates on Springs projects. The creation of the Central Sonoma Valley Bike Path took an important... Continue

In 2011, “Time” declared the sharing economy as one of the “10 Ideas that will change the world,” and titled their article,... Continue

One of the most frightening, yet exciting, phone calls or emails a nonprofit leader can get is from a prospective funder, such as a... Continue

I love summer. Especially summer in Sonoma, where this tiny city is alive with celebrations, farmers markets, and school kids out... Continue

It sounds simple. Just tell the truth. But, telling the truth is difficult. As much as I believe in honesty, I grapple with it. Speaking... Continue

On Wednesday evening May 20, 2015, Dave Letterman aired his last show and said goodbye to the American people. It was a sad night for... Continue

Sustainability is a concept whose time has come yet for various reasons the powers that be, forces representing business as usual are... Continue

An open letter to the City Council: It is now eight months since you have been in office and it’s time to ask yourselves what you’ve... Continue

I’ve heard all the excuses; I’ll be dead, it’s not my problem, I won’t be here, it’s my kids money not mine, etc. – unfortunately... Continue

I’ll begin by paying homage to our legendary but never well-studied leader, César Dario Estrada Chávez,  known simply as “César... Continue