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Are we doomed to suffer? There seems to be widespread belief that suffering is the nature of human experience; (a) we are all born... Continue

If you think your autumn garden looks a bit blah, now is the time to act. The soil is still warm. Plant transpiration rates are down... Continue

This month’s column was prompted by Katie Byrnes’ article, ‘Why the 1960s matter’ in the Aug 21st edition of... Continue

If a humble taxpayer can pretend to fathom the situation in the Sonoma Valley Unified School District, it appears School Trustees (the... Continue

There are two issues facing our Highway 12 commercial corridor that could create lasting negative consequences if the community isn’t... Continue

By Supervisor Susan Gorin — It is not often that life hands you huge dichotomies in the same day, same night, same week, but... Continue

By B.J. Bischoff It’s been a somber and stressful two weeks here in Sonoma Valley. Everyone I know knows someone who has lost... Continue

We moved to Sonoma because it seemed safe and quaint. But this fire rocked our boat. It’s been a week of fear and shock. Contrasts... Continue

Launderland, the laundromat in the CVS Plaza, has suffered a serious loss of quality service. Things have gotten so bad that we will... Continue

I’ve been flooded with emails and calls from clients asking about their legal documents. Some are just curious about what would have... Continue

During the particularly tense night of October 11, I received a phone call from one of my Oaxacan friends. She was watching news reports... Continue

On Earth Day, I joined over 40,000 people in Washington DC for the March for Science.   I marched in solidarity for the advancement... Continue

Dear Emily, Our house has a large family room, one end is a kitchen, where I cook (and love doing it). The other end has comfortable... Continue

By Larry Barnett — An ordinary trip to the grocery store quickly demonstrates that single-use plastic now dominates food packaging.... Continue

Kim joined our office as an agent in 1994. As it turned out we had a lot in common: we both loved real estate and dark chocolate. In... Continue

My heart and prayers go out to those who suffered a loss during the California wildfires. The widespread destruction of life and property... Continue

It’s weird to think that in one of the first democratic nations on the planet that a statement like “government works” is now... Continue