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Our fixed-city way-of-life has created a problematic situation: homelessness. Those who cannot afford to own or rent a home are left... Continue

The Olive Press’ blood orange olive oil won big at the first ever CA State Fair olive oil competition. (The Olive Press) While... Continue

Bud-Break is very early this year. Normally only the early varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir show signs in March, but this year... Continue

What do the Grateful Dead, Bear Flag Revolt, The Chosen Family, an 8,000-year-old Native American site, a Victorian estate, Camilo... Continue

Dear readers: While I was down in Westlake Village recently, I came upon a little dog that was trying to merge onto 101 northbound... Continue

Orange is a happy color. It is associated with good health, vitality and vitamin C. But according to some research, the color orange... Continue

When Senator Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic Party primary last week, the dread and ennui that I have... Continue

Dear Bonnie, I received a form in the mail called a 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. I guess this is for my taxes but... Continue

We’ve all heard the latest silliness out of Texas: Gunmen attacked a so-called art exhibit depicting cartoons of the Prophet, M******d,... Continue

Considered to be the biggest eyesore in the Springs, the former Uncle Paddy’s at 15 Boyes Boulevard near the Sonoma Mission Inn,... Continue

Sonoma County is home to approximately 500,000 people and 1,384 miles of paved road. The First District serves 100,000 people and 266... Continue

Every Sonoma Valley nonprofit organization depends on dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of volunteers, to deliver their programs... Continue

I love summer. Especially summer in Sonoma, where this tiny city is alive with celebrations, farmers markets, and school kids out... Continue

The other night I saw a car near my house with a huge dent in its back end and heard a dog crying inside, then a growling male voice... Continue

On Wednesday evening May 20, 2015, Dave Letterman aired his last show and said goodbye to the American people. It was a sad night for... Continue

After reading Machiavelli, The Prince, it has been fun to play with how the same insights might apply to Sonoma. Machiavelli, who wrote... Continue

At a recent talking heads (albeit with visible bodies attached) event labeled, “A Community Conversation,” the opening question... Continue

Sometimes great little learning opportunities come through my office that I want to share but there aren’t quite enough to create... Continue