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Many people feel that politics is a bore and during most days, such people don’t think about politics at all; it’s just... Continue

Well, we made it through another winter. Late storms finally blessed us with a decent volume of moisture, but now it’s warm again.... Continue

The annual civic celebration of the 4th of July is my favorite secular holiday.  It is a reminder of our revolutionary origins... Continue

City Council certainly comes in for its share of criticism, but if Council never showed up for work it could not match the ineptitude... Continue

By Susan Gorin —  As your County Supervisor, I have the privilege and responsibility of working with my colleagues to set the... Continue

Last month, the Community Foundation Sonoma County and Napa Valley Community Foundation released a report describing the results of... Continue

It’s stirring to see strong athletes kneeling down for fairness and respect and standing up for liberty. Great men care about the... Continue

To paraphrase from a recent city council goals packet, the General Plan (GP) is the vision and set of goals for future city development,... Continue

The first question most beneficiaries ask when discussing the receipt of an inheritance is, “How much do I pay in taxes?” Even... Continue

In the late 1960’s the world was in turmoil, much as it is today. American’s youth propelled the anti-war movement, marched for... Continue

Dear Emily, Our house has a large family room, one end is a kitchen, where I cook (and love doing it). The other end has comfortable... Continue

By Jonah Raskin Chris Petlock calls himself a “progressive guy.” He’s also a populist and a reformer who doesn’t believe the... Continue

Catherine Sevenau
Rude Awakenings
Catherine Sevenau
Opening doors

It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived here since 1973, nor does it matter that Sonoma Valley is a relatively small area. I’ve been... Continue

By Bonnie Lee — When we think of wellness, we usually think in terms of physical health, mental health, and spiritual well-being.... Continue

Lately, while so much council attention is paid to our Plaza trees, homes in the hillsides, and the exact right number of food trucks... Continue