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Last night’s City Council consideration of a proposal to remove Broadway’s oak trees was notable less for its action than the conduct... Continue

Delta asparagus salad at Santé. It’s asparagus season in our neck of the woods. It is a vegetable grown by the most patient... Continue

After last time’s “Refreshing Wine Choices for Warmer Weather” it occurred to me that most of you have already reacted to our... Continue

Bud-Break is very early this year. Normally only the early varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir show signs in March, but this year... Continue

In my previous column, I reported upon the death of my father. After having just arrived in Cairo with my son James, I received the... Continue

Dear readers: While I was down in Westlake Village recently, I came upon a little dog that was trying to merge onto 101 northbound... Continue

We can’t avoid tragedy, but we can plan for it. Although, the opening quote may sting, it is the truth. Tragedy doesn’t discriminate... Continue

Orange is a happy color. It is associated with good health, vitality and vitamin C. But according to some research, the color orange... Continue

This secretive trade pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which has been quietly under negotiation by corporate lawyers and trade... Continue

Dear Bonnie, I received a form in the mail called a 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. I guess this is for my taxes but... Continue

As far as can be determined, there’s no need to panic just yet over reports about a recent lawsuit alleging there is an excessive... Continue

Considered to be the biggest eyesore in the Springs, the former Uncle Paddy’s at 15 Boyes Boulevard near the Sonoma Mission Inn,... Continue

The Sonoma Developmental Center is a special place for many of us in Sonoma Valley.  For over 100 years, it has cared for the most... Continue

Within the next six months, several Sonoma Valley nonprofits, including the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, Mentoring Alliance, Boys... Continue

Hello Sonoma, it’s time I let you in on a little secret. It’s not the clothes that are making you look fat, it’s... Continue

When the chips are down… like this week dealing with Comcast, plumbers running around the house, hospitals, nursing homes, the... Continue

In his March address before a joint session of Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of the “existential threat”... Continue

As a concerned citizen, social science major and as a Progressive, I wonder what is really going on with our national values debate.... Continue

OMG, TV anchor Brian Williams  bullshitted, or is it bullshat. Either way he slung it, or is it slinged it – oh grammar, why hast... Continue