Logan Harvey announces City Council campaign

Posted on July 19, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

To me, Sonoma is one of the most sacred towns in the world and a place I care deeply about. I was born and raised in this town and know it intimately. I learned my colors from the wild flowers my father, Terry Harvey, would hand me as we hiked into Sonoma’s hillsides. I learned a love for art from the ceramics classes my mother, Carol Harvey, would bring me to at the community center. It was here that I met the love my my life and my fiancée Lili Horine! I was educated here in our public schools. I am a Sassarini Seahawk, an Altimira Wolf, and a SVHS Dragon.

In the 30 years that I’ve known this town I’ve watched as it has grown and changed as all towns do. New restaurants and community members, new shops and wineries. But one change has alarmed me. When my parents moved to this town over 30 years ago, this was a community where the working class had a chance. This was a place where you could work at a local buisness and still own a home.

Today, there are few housing opportunities for our community’s workers. Our schools struggle to find teachers willing to commute long distances to educate our children. Our local businesses strain to retain workers as employees leave to pursue lower housing prices. In the end, this lack of housing ends up damaging our community.

Today, I announce my run for Sonoma City Council. I am running because I believe that we can turn this tide. I believe that we can harness the power of our tourism industry and use it to invest in our community. That we can create housing opportunities for young families and seniors. That we can improve our infrastructure and make the city safer for bicycles. That we can reduce our waste production and greenhouse gas emissions to become a model for other communities within the county and throughout the nation.

I hope that you’ll join me on this journey to build a Sonoma for us all. If you want to learn more about my campaign and my platform, please visit If you have interest in helping or donating to the campaign, please get in touch via email at [email protected]

— Logan Harvey, Sonoma

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