A re-imagined House of Happy Walls opens its doors

Posted on December 27, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

happy wallsFresh off a $1.5 million remodel, the House of Happy Walls — the historic home of Jack and Charmian London — reopened November 10 with a fresh look and expanded museum space.

“The new exhibits have been designed to inspire guests, especially young people, to live their life to the fullest by example of Jack’s amazing life of innovation and achievement,” said Executive Director Tjiska Van Wyk. “And Jack’s story would not complete without giving equal attention to his soul mate, Charmian London.”

Purchased by Jack London in 1905, the historic and iconic Beauty Ranch exemplifies his commitment to the land. The re-imagined museum, set within the 1,400-acre state park above the Valley floor in Glen Ellen, captures London’s sense of humanity, adventure and discovery. Twenty-two new exhibits


The twenty-two new exhibits highlight the London’s legacy, spanning more than his literary career to include: poverty and physical toil, political activism, worldwide adventure, animal rights, agricultural innovation and the moving story of love and partnership with his wife Charmian. Exhibits are designed to be multi-sensory with several interactive elements.

Theirs is very much a story with two main characters,“They made a formidable team,”

Van Wyk said. “Charmian helped facilitate Jack’s success as his editor, confident and ranscriber, and was a model for many of Jack’s leading female characters.” for more details.



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  1. Still one of my favorite places to visit. Beauty Ranch allows the imagination to ponder California before the advent of Hollywood and the impact of two World Wars. California dreaming! Not to mention, vastly more people and development.

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