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PG&E to blame? Not so fast

Posted on January 24, 2019 by Dan de la Torre

Cal Fire has issued its conclusions as to the cause of the Tubbs Fire which is widely believed to be the point of origin in the North Bay fires in 2017. The report does NOT blame PG&E for the cause of the fire, but rather a private electrical system.

This report has many lawyers and legal firms scrambling to put a negative spin on the report as their ongoing lawsuits are heavily based on it. Even Gavin Newsom weighed in saying that “this doesn’t explain the 17 other fires caused by PG&E power lines.”

Actually, it might indeed explain the cause as the Tubbs Fire was the point of origin for the other fires — it may have triggered a cascading effect, igniting fires in adjoining areas. (A fact that our new governor might have known if he bothered to look into the matter.)

The bottom line is PG&E was not responsible. Apparently PG&E is also not responsible for the Paradise Fire. The origin of that fire was caused by its equipment being shot up, no word as to the perpetrators who caused that disaster.

None of these facts are stopping the army of ambulance chasing lawyers who have come from across the country in an attempt to cash in on the situation. They, like the media at large, have bought into the narrative that it’s solely the fault of PG&E and wish to pilfer as much money as possible. Their fall back position is Inverse Condemnation. This is  a law that says even if a utility is not at fault but can still be held accountable for damages. The collective figure is in the tens of billions of dollars and growing. Why should you the rate/tax payer be alarmed? Simple, in the end you’ll be the one paying for it, all of it.

At the risk of seeming over congratulatory, I feel The Sun was the only paper to get this story right. Our coverage was better than all the other Bay Area news outlets combined because we didn’t jump to any conclusions but instead did the old fashioned investigative journalism that no one else did to bring you an accurate account of the story. Our little paper even beat out the New York Times, so yes, I’m proud.


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