Goodbye, Maxwell Park

Posted on February 26, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Farewell to Maxwell Park as we’ve known it for decades. On Feb 26, 2019 the supervisors will vote on the master plan which will forever transform the park. All the playing field lawns will be ripped up for plastic turf. Huge stadium lights will shine until 10 pm. Trees once planted as a memorial will be cut down for a bike pump track. Lots more pavement for parking right near the new bike trail. In back new paved trails will replace dirt tracks.

So many reasons why the county parks want to do this, but I am still heartbroken after trying to voice the value of natural areas here for walking and playing for so long. I thought I could let it go, but I cannot. I will say goodbye to the Maxwell Park I know and love. But I’ll never be able to forget what’s lost.

— Teri Shore, Sonoma


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