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Want less stress, more success? Put nothing first

Posted on March 2, 2019 by Jay Rooke

Entrepreneurship is an amazing personal development tool. If you’re going to go where you haven’t been before, if you’re going to expand in new directions, you need to be willing to push outside your comfort zone and learn how to think and process in different ways.

If we don’t get that support to learn new tools, we’re kind of stuck in the same spot. You know, playing out that same story, repeating the patterns.

Can you be happier, less stressed, and more successful if you put yourself first and do nothing?  

Kai Van Bodhi

Kai Van Bodhi thinks so. Kai is a Peak Performance Coach who teaches entrepreneurs how to execute at the top of their game. He’s trained in acupuncture, herbalism, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Chinese Medicine, and he blends these practices with Modern Neuroscience to teach entrepreneurs to perform at their highest levels.

I’ve been studying under Kai for several months, and the meditative practices and mindset shifts he has taught me have radically altered how I manage myself and run my business. I recently had the opportunity to interview him on the Know Pain, Know Gain podcast, and we had a powerful exchange around maintaining focus, avoiding burnout, and accessing levels of higher performance.

If you’re the type of business owner that wears the overwhelm badge and you take pride in being perennially busy, I invite you to change the narrative and give yourself the gift of calm by adopting a meditation practice. (Kai’s disciplines only require five minutes a couple of times throughout the day. I would say I spend about 15-20 minutes total per day and the results have been game-changing for me.)  

Have you ever noticed how we know what we “should” be doing to stay centered and treat ourselves well, yet we resist adopting those self-care practices? During the podcast, one of the topics we explored was the belief systems we hold that prevent us from achieving our potential. For instance, if we know meditation will improve our performance, how come we’re not all doing it?

If you’re an “all or nothing” type of person like many of us entrepreneurs are, see if this statement resonates: “I’m holding off on getting into meditation because I don’t have time to do it ‘right,’ but once the business gets a little more established, I’ll get into it.”

Here’s the deal: You never will.

Circumstances for starting a meditative practice will never be perfect. Tomorrow is now. Your future you is now. 2019’s revenue is now.  

So if you want a better life and a better business, apply your Type-A drive to your self-care, sit on your butt, and simply breathe.

Am I a Zen master? Not by any means. Like exercising, meditation is a habit, and some days I’m better at it than others. But here’s what I’m learning about “entrepreneurial meditation” – the clarity of my decision-making is way up. I don’t feel like a martyr to my business, and chaos has been replaced with internal calm. I’m running my business from my sweet spot, and I can reliably access peace and happiness.

As Kai says in the interview: “I love these practices, because I need them too.” If you want to see if entrepreneurial meditation will make a difference in your self-mastery, text “discover” to 484848 and Kai will send you some of his meditation exercises.  

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