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Hate and the pathway to destruction

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Dan de la Torre

There has never been such a despised figure in American politics as Donald Trump. This hatred is coming primarily from the Democrats and in particular the progressive left wing of that party, which is vying to take control of the Democrat Party. An example of this rise of progressivism are three freshmen Congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

These three Congresswomen

are brash and unapologetic in

their beliefs. Congresswoman

Tlaib is the F-Bomb-dropping

freshman who said just after

winning her first term that

“We’re going to Impeach the

Mother-F*****”. Aside from

this classless choice of words by

Congresswoman Tlaib, there’s

this little thing standing in the

way of her wishes for

impeachment called the law.

You can’t impeach a President

simply because you don’t like



Next on the list is Ilhan

Omar, the Somalian born

Congresswoman who recently

got into trouble after making

anti-semitic statements on

Twitter. Anti-semitism is a very

polite way to say that someone

is a racist and Jew-hater. Ilhan

Omar is exactly that; there is no

excuse for her hateful words.

Her statements were so

offensive that the Speaker of the

House, Nancy Pelosi, attempted

to issue a condemnation of her

remarks but the Congressional

Progressive Caucus came to

Omar’s rescue and demanded

that Pelosi change the language

of the condemnation, which

Pelosi did. Even the mainstream media, which openly

leans left, called the resolution a

watered-down attempt to

excuse hateful remarks.


Speaking of the left-wing media,

Time magazine recently had on

its cover Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez, the third

Congresswoman in our little trio.

The magazine called

her a Phenom. But what’s so

phenomenal about her?


A graduate of Boston University

with a BA in economics, Miss

Cortez recently destroyed

thousands of good-paying jobs in

Queens, New York by stopping an

Amazon distribution hub. The local

residents who needed and

wanted those good-paying jobs

were angry and frustrated with

the actions taken to bar Amazon. Cortez, who never

addressed those concerns, had

only one thing in mind – stop

corruption and greed, the

standard rallying cry of the Left.


Did she achieve her goal? No,

Amazon will set up shop

somewhere else and probably

become even more profitable

because it won’t have to deal

with the area’s high taxes and wages.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was

also the proud sponsor of The

Green New Deal. This

environmentally based bill was

so far to the left that every

single Democrat in the Senate

was too embarrassed to vote in

favor of it and simply voted

“Present.” The bill would have

cost tens of trillions of dollars

and solved virtually nothing.


These three Congresswomen

seem to be on the front line of

raw hatred towards America and

of its current President. The

problem with deep-seated

hatred such as what’s being

displayed here by the

Progressive Left is that it’s

blinding and you can literally

see nothing else.


If that is your motivation in life I have two

pieces of advice for you. First,

seek help, second, stay out of

public office because the path

you’re on can only lead to

destruction. Both Republicans

and Democrats continue to have their share of

bad actors. It is up to the rank

and file of both parties to keep

their respective leaders in line

because if we don’t, we will all

pay the price for their collective


One thought on “Hate and the pathway to destruction

  1. Please do not confuse disgust for hatred. I am disgusted with Donald Trump and everything he and his followers are doing. The 3 women you name are rightly disgusted too. They seem to scare the right wing more than say Nancy Pelosi. Women everywhere are being run over by those now in power, and these 3 are fighting back. I guess the younger generation is learning that being an old school liberal, with good manners like Nancy is not working. And just because I utter the F word, say that money has everything to do with a policy, or want to kick the oil companies in the butt, does not equal hate. I am an old lady, but just like these 3 young ladies I am sick of what Trump and his cronies are doing, and I f—-ing want to stop it.

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