Cactus workshop at Sonoma Garden Park

Posted on June 5, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Among the civic-social work and art/design talents of Sonoma’s Bonnie Walner is planting and gardening. She considers it an extension of her interior design work and business with Re:Design USA, a local firm she founded, based in the Sonoma Valley. This coming Saturday, June 8, Walner will be conducting a workshop at Sonoma Garden Park.
With all the rain California has had this past winter, the abundance of flora and vegetation is ideal for even the those who do not have a “green thumb” as the saying goes. Walner is an expert on Succulent plants; those leafy, sometimes spiky ground-cover types that can even have a fuzzy or translucently smooth texture to them.
While some people might see them as being cactus-like, with a strong resilience to dry, hot weather conditions, succulents love lots of water. They loved to be soaked, not spritzed with a spray-water bottle. What is also important is the absorbent aspect to the soil succulents are planted in. Walner will discuss these and other details.

With their amazing variety in texture, shape and appearance, succulents can be more than a conversation piece on the coffee table. They can be just as welcoming and enhancing as the familiar fern or orchid. Walner will mention how to use succulents around the house and office to make your indoor space a haven.

Walner views the workshop as a wonderful way to get the community more involved with the outdoors. And with Sonoma Garden Park as the classroom setting, it’s a chance to experience a bit of the rare wildflower superbloom that has occurred because of all the rain.
According to Jan Null of Golden Gate Weather Services the Sonoma County area has received over 130 percent of normal rainfall for the year. Which, means than after seven years of drought, California is verdant and lush again.
“We’ve been seeding native wildflower mixes throughout the Garden Park all winter, said the park’s project coordinator Jonathan Tanis.
And they’re looking spectacular right now, he added, due to the late May rains.” Tanis hopes that the people coming to attend Walner’s workshop on Succulents, will take a few moments to see the circular meadow of wildflowers and native grasses in the center of the Children’s Orchard.”
Walner looks forward to a successful turn-out this coming Saturday June 8. Succulent Gardening Workshop begins at 10 a.m. and will end at 12 Noon. Sonoma Garden Park is located at 19996 7th St., East (between East MacArthur and Denmark Streets). Tickets are $15.00 per person and and can be purchased thru Brown Paper Tickets web site. Walner ask that attendees bring an 8-inch pot or vessel, everything else will be provided. Sonoma Garden Park is family-friendly and kids are welcome.
— Jonathan Farrell

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