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Why every entrepreneur should be making video

Posted on July 11, 2019 by Jay Rooke

“I think we’re in the middle of this revolution where people who aren’t creating video in business are dead – they just don’t know it yet. The reality is that…entrepreneurs… really just need to turn their camera on and not turn it off. Just start talking. It’s really easy to edit afterwards, but it’s impossible to get it back if you don’t record.”

So says Ari Taub, who is in the process of launching Entrepreneur’s TV Network, a pioneering new platform for entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and thought leaders to get their message out.  

Ari is a fascinating guy – he’s a former Canadian Olympic wrestler, an attorney, and most relevant to his current venture, he’s also the founder of Hard Knocks Fighting Championship, where he promotes and runs professional MMA fights in Canada.

Ari makes a strong case for why every entrepreneur needs to be making videos. A few articles ago, you may remember Matt Poole took a similar “all in” on video stance (Matt was the guest in Episode 42; he’s a Sonoma entrepreneur with, a video marketing company).

As is often the case, our biggest breakthroughs occur not when we acquire more information, but when we learn how to think differently about a particular topic. In that spirit, here’s what I learned from picking Ari’s brain for 45 minutes.

Writing takes a long timebut video is fast, and you can repurpose your content easily.  

Per Ari: “It’s also the most efficient way to create all of your marketing because when you make a video, you can also take the audio recording of it and make a podcast like we’re doing. And then you can transcribe the words that you say and make a blog post. 

“And if we do a video that’s fairly long, we can also cut that up into shorter clips and so we can actually sit in front of the camera for an hour and create many, many hours worth of video and other types of social media posting all at the same time.”

You don’t have to be perfect, just be authentic. Being real, honest and yourself is the best way to develop a relationship with your audience.

Recording a video is only half the battleat some point, you need people to see your video. This is where I think Ari’s concept is brilliant. Because of his history as a sports and entertainment promoter (his company has 1 million likes on Facebook!), he’s had the experience of selling his videos to major outlets, like ESPN. Bottom line: just start shooting video, and start looking for a platform that is already driving traffic to their site, because, as Ari says:

“They don’t have to drive traffic to their own YouTube channel or Facebook page. Now it’s my problem. I have to get their video onto TV. I spent 10 years and millions of dollars developing relationships with these media companies, and the only reason they pick up my call is because I’ve done major TV live pay per view events.”

In closing, I think leveraging video is a concept that most entrepreneurs haven’t fully gotten their head around, but there’s no doubt as to its efficacy and that video is the future. If you’d like to hear the full interview, check out Episode 61 at


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