Beware of cell towers

Posted on July 22, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Beware of cell tower invasion

Beware, residents of Sonoma County. Verizon is trying to fill your neighborhoods with 4G cell towers in an attempt to lay the groundwork for 5G. 

In theory faster speeds are good, yes. But 5G has a very short range, and so will require transmitters every 100 feet. Yes, that will be ugly indeed, but it is far worse than that. 5G will require us all to live within close proximity to the transmitters, exposing all of us to high frequency radiation. The radiation itself isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s the proximity. And the inability to turn it off. What health effects can constant, close proximity exposure to this radiation have on our children? On pregnant women? We’ll find out in about 20 years when it is announced that we were the guinea pigs in a Verizon/AT&T study. 

Show up at council and supervisor meetings. Email. Protest. Let them know you don’t want your children to be exposed constantly to radiation. Once they’re in, they’re going to be a huge legal mess to have removed.

— Jason Kishineff, American Canyon 


One thought on “Beware of cell towers

  1. I have a tin foil hat so not worried. I learned how to protect my self by googling. Only problem was 3g took longer.

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