Frank from Alameda wants you to “defend Trump”

Posted on August 2, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sun today stopped by the shaded, two-table “Defend Trump” display aggressively perched on the corner of Broadway and West Napa, bedecked with American flags and photo posters. 

Frank from Alameda

First identifying herself as Sun staff, and meeting Frank, who said he was not from Sonoma but Alameda, she inquired, Defend Trump from what? “Are you kidding?” replied Frank derisively. “Defend him from the attacks.  You’d have to go back to Abraham Lincoln to find a president attacked as much as Trump.”

He went on to ask, “Isn’t 100 Congressmen calling for impeachment an attack?” When the reporter declined to agree, Frank invited her to “go back to the sand box and play.”

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4 thoughts on “Frank from Alameda wants you to “defend Trump”

    1. He’s a liar, conman, serial harasser and likely a rapist, cheat, and all around idiot. He deserves no defense. At best, only mockery on the way to the hoosegow.

  1. This story proves that many Americans support Trump simply because they like him. Like a Fox News audience, they are NOT interested in the facts.They are drawn to emotion based decision making – not cool headed evaluations of the facts. Liking Trump is an emotion based reason to vote for a president. It is how a child would choose a leader. No offense is intended with my commentary – so do not be offended.

  2. How would I ever support or defend a serial liar and person making constantly bad decisions? I don’t associate but rather ignore such persons and now can’t seem to get spanky out of my environment.

    Now, he invites bad behavior and division not unity: it is now apparent that is his DNA.

    Done with him and his type.

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