Toga! The ‘Animal House’ movie quiz

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Despite being made for less than a frat house’s annual beer budget, the 1978 comedy Animal House was a big fat hit, launching numerous careers (John Belushi, director John Landis, writer Howard Ramis) and innumerable knock-offs – rowdy, boozy takes on college life free of rules, propriety, and any semblance of social justice.

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In the end, the plucky underdogs (e.g., the loveable, drunken idiots) fight authority (actually, they throw up on him) and win out. Then again, they’re probably still paying off student loans.

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  1. Otter uses what scam to seduce a girls-school student?
  2. Dean Wormer vows to expel members of Delta House by invoking what rule?
  3. Finish this Dean Wormer quote: “The time has come for someone to put his foot down…”
  4. What is Bluto’s grade point average?
  5. According to Bluto’s inspirational speech, who bombed Pearl Harbor?
  6. Bluto was of course played by John Belushi, the budding star of Saturday Night Live. Animal House Director John Landis went on to make notable comedies with at least four other SNL stars. Name the films, and actors.
  7. Later in his career, one of the young frat house actors was nominated for an Academy Award. Name him and the 1984 film.
  8. On the road trip, the boys stop into a bar. What band is playing there?
  9. Play “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”
  10. According to the closing credits, what did Bluto and Otter become later in life? 


The ‘Deathmobile’ takes a road trip to Sonoma — will be in front of the theatre all weekend.




  1. Pretends to be the fiance of her recently deceased roommate. (Extra credit: she was killed in blown-up kiln accident.)
  2. Double secret probation.
  3. “… and that foot is me.”
  4. Zero-point-zero. 
  5. The Germans.
  6. The Blues Brothers (Belushi, Dan Ackroyd); Trading Places (Eddie Murphy; Ackroyd); Three Amigos (Chevy Chase; Martin Short). 
  7. Tom Hulce, Amadeus
  8. Otis Day and the Knights.
  9. No degrees. Kevin Bacon is in the movie, getting paddled. 
  10. Senator; and Beverly Hills gynecologist.


One thought on “Toga! The ‘Animal House’ movie quiz

  1. The DKE house at Miami of Ohio was very similar to Animal House. We did not conform to the typical Fraternity at the time. I graduated in 1967. I still get a kick out of Animal House. It is a fun movie and anything but PC. Nothing high minded about it.

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