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New Rules at Graton Casino Lead to Increased Online Activity

Posted on August 3, 2020 by Allen Brown

The Coronavirus shutdown has taken a major toll on the hospitality and entertainment industry. Many businesses that thrived in this sector before the pandemic had been forced to make the tough decision to shut their doors permanently and others were subject to temporary closures with a massive number of employees being laid-off.  The good news is that casinos have finally reopened their doors but remain bound by laws and restrictions that have been enacted to ensure the safety of guests and employees at these establishments. 

Graton Resort and Casino 

Graton Resort and Casino, a well-known presence of the rolling hills of the wine country situated in Northern California, has reopened its doors to guests and visitors after being closed for almost 4 months. This location is a plethora of exciting entertainment options for guests such as casinos, live events and concerts, a spa, and superior quality accommodation. The establishment has gone through the wringer in recent months when management was required to take a 20% pay cut, and over 1000 workers were furloughed. Greg Sarris, tribal chairman of the Federated Indians of Sonoma Rancheria, expressed the difficulty that presented itself when the casino first closed its doors. Executives made plans to keep health benefits for key staff members for as long as they could as well as to continue to employ around 500 workers throughout the shutdown period, essentially laying-off a third of the workforce. 

The employees that have kept their jobs have worked tirelessly to ensure that the establishment would be in tip-top shape once the go-ahead was given to resume operations. Visitors and guests can now enjoy the perks of the establishment once again although there are some strict rules to be followed. 

Graton’s Rules and Regulations 

Those who are keen on visiting this location will have to adhere to strict and, sometimes restricting rules. There is a document free for download from the official Graton website outlining the measures that are in place and what is expected of guests who visit since the reopening. The measures in place have been approved by Health and Safety professionals to curb the spread of COVID-19 while operations are running. 

Thermal cameras are used to check the temperatures of guests and team members alike. If anyone is found to have a temperature of 100.4°F or above, they will be taken to a private area for another temperature screening and denied admission to the property if the result remains the same. Guests have been asked to adhere to physical distancing requirements of 6 feet between themselves and other guests that are not from their party. If a guest or team member is suspected of being COVID-19 positive, the management and staff will adhere to strict protocols that include cleansing spaces that the suspected person was in as well as advising them of the appropriate steps to take moving forward. 

Guest Outlook 

Just like casinos in other US states and Canada, Sonoma area casinos have seen fewer guests than anticipated or expected. While visitors and guests recognize and respect the measures put in place, it does put a damper on the resort and casino experience that they were previously privy to. 

Thermal cameras and checks throughout the establishment have led to limited access that can be frustrating. Capacity limits could lead to guests and visitors being turned away and forced to make alternate arrangements on short notice. The social and physical distancing rules severely impact the ease at which guests can move around the property especially with regards to elevators, small doorways, etc. resulting in guests finding themselves in queues to make use of simple amenities such as the restroom. 

On the other hand, online casinos, such as RBC casino sitesare experiencing booming growth in the industry with many cautious people opting to enjoy their favorite pass-time from the comfort of their home without the stress of thermal checks, long queues, strict regulations, and an overall subpar gaming, resort and entertainment experience. Online players are willing to wait the pandemic out and are choosing to remain safe in their homes, with their loved ones, significantly reducing the risks of exposure. It is unclear how long the wait will be but many casino operators have attempted to move their business online to ensure that their loyal customers can still get a piece of the action. 

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