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What Every Responsible Driver Needs To Know

Posted on August 24, 2020 by Allen Brown

Every year, thousands of people become victims of car accidents, some of which result in the death of those involved. Even when not fatal, car crashes have several effects on people’s health, both physical and mental as well as a negative impact on an individual’s overall lifestyle.

The majority of accidents are a result of the driver’s lack of awareness and carelessness when on the road, and could easily be prevented. With so many choosing vehicles as their preferred method to travel and the massive amount of cars on the road on a daily basis, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they are responsible on the road and in control of their driving and potential hazards, as much as possible. In this article, we will discuss a few things every responsible driver needs to know.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving must be in every responsible driver’s mind at all times. This method of driving is the concept of being aware of what is happening on the road, including what is outside of your control. This means that people that adopt a defensible driving approach are more likely to predict potential hazards and avoid these in order to prevent accidents. It may sound very difficult to identify when someone else’s action can become dangerous without focusing too much on what others are doing. However, this skill improves with time and you do not have to lose concentration on your own driving. Very often careless drivers will give signs that they are about to do something hazardous, and it could be as simple as someone clearly being in a hurry and speeding – you know if there’s a lot of traffic they will very likely try to overtake someone, possibly in a reckless way.

Keep Your Distance    

Keeping your distance is highly important as this plays a significant role in the impact between two vehicles in the case of a crash, which is something every responsible driver should know. Not only a safe distance will allow you more time to make your own decisions about your driving, but it will also keep you out of harm, should any other driver act recklessly. For example, if someone in front of you decides to break suddenly and you are not within a safe distance from them, the likelihood of crashing into them increases. When pressing the breaks, the car will travel a distance before it comes to a complete full stop, which is known as braking distance. Braking distance increases during bad weather conditions such as heavy rain or icy roads, and therefore the distance between you and the car in front must increase.

Traffic Laws

There are many road regulations that you must adhere to and make yourself familiar with. These can often change depending on where you are and can also change frequently, therefore it is important that you take the time to familiarise yourself with these, particularly if you often travel out of the area. These laws will tell you about speed limits and general usage of roads and they are put in place for a reason: to guarantee that the roads are safe to use. There is no good motive to break these laws, even if you are in a hurry. Similarly, if you are ever involved in an accident you cannot argue that you were not aware of a certain law, and you will be liable for any damage or injury that you cause to others.

Driving Record

Driving is an amazing privilege that we as human beings hold, and from the moment we get our driving license, everything we do on the road will be officially recorded. This record includes traffic violations, crashes and even some drug offenses. A very flawed record and depending on the seriousness of a situation could result in this privilege may be taken from you as your license may be restricted, suspended or revoked if you continuously fail to show that you have the ability to be a responsible driver. is a private company that holds these records about you and other drivers, making it public to those who seek it. This emphasizes the importance of being a responsible driver and not avoiding even minor traffic violations.

Accidents and Emergencies

Every responsible driver should understand that you can never control what others do completely. As much as you try to be defensible, predict, and avoid hazardous situations, understandably, this is not always preventable. A responsible driver, knowing this, must be prepared to deal with accidents and emergencies and knowing what to do, should you find yourself in this unfortunate scenario. If you are involved in an accident, the first thing to do should be to seek medical assistance as soon as possible, if you are able to do so, and check that every victim involved is okay. Being prepared to deal with these situations will potentially enable you to survive an accident or assist others, rather than going into shock due to the increased amounts of stress that you face in such situations.


Most people only consider the possibility of accidents whilst moving and neglect how many accidents actually happen when vehicles are stationary. Unfortunately, these are a frequent occurrence, and usually, you are not even in the car to witness the incident. In order to avoid this, the best to do is to be aware that this is a possibility and consider it when you park your car. Look at your surroundings and whether it is a busy road and safe to leave your car. Finally, make sure that your car is well parked and that there are no parking restrictions in place, as this could cause potential hazards for others and mean that you will receive a parking fine.

Being a good driver is a big responsibility – every time you drive, you are putting your safety and those of others at stake. Therefore it is essential that you remain as alert and careful as possible. If you already consider yourself to be a responsible driver, the tips above will give you further knowledge on things you need to know to further guarantee your safety. 


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