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Six Common Myths Surrounding American College Education

Posted on September 9, 2020 by Allen Brown

For a student looking to further their studies in the U.S., you probably have a rough idea of what to expect about the college experience. Many students have been led to believe certain misconceptions about colleges in America.

It can be from movies, blogs, or even extraordinary personal experiences from people you might know. While there could be some truth to some of the information, there are also misleading myths that need to be straightened out. So, we have identified the most common myths associated with higher education in the U.S. 

There’s No Place for Non-Western Religion

It is a myth that has long been floating around, especially concerning Muslim students. There is a healthy amount of diversity in U.S colleges. People from different cultures and practicing different religions are all welcome. U.S universities offer academic freedom and acceptance of various cultures. Everyone is welcome, and the diversity that students bring helps the people in the colleges dispel any stereotypes they might have had about specific cultures. 

Religion Is Not Valued 

There are a lot of shows and movies out there that mostly portray the secular side of America. They might even lead one to believe that religion is not valued in the country. It is far from the truth. America is diverse in terms of religious faith, and a lot of colleges have particular religious affiliations even though there is religious freedom. Furthermore, there are temples, synagogues, mosques, and churches in different communities where people practice their religions. 

College Is Too Expensive 

A lot of international students will take a look at the tuition price for colleges and become discouraged. However, it should not be the case. For one, if it were too expensive, a significant percentage of students would not be able to go to college at all. Currently, at least 80% of college students in the U.S receive financial aid. There are various ways you can manage the financial aspects of college. They include: 

  • Scholarships
  • Financial aids
  • Job opportunities 

While education in the U.S might seem pricy, it is also worth the money. A lot of payment has been put into the educational system, and that is why you will find a lot of excellent facilities available to students. 

Collegians have access to a lot of resources, including tutoring, career advisement, clubs, and organizations. The professors are also individuals at the top of their fields, a lot of whom have published books. So, when looking for a book report helper, don’t shy away from asking your professor to give you hints on how to handle the assignment.

You Are Alone as an International Student 

Again, films and movies often depict a single or even no international students. A lot of international students attend American colleges with that belief and end up getting surprised that there are people from all over the world. America is ranked top on the list for most international students, with more than a million. The country is all about diversity. 

It Will Be Difficult to Socialize and Make Friends

International students might be misled to believe that they are likely to have no college friends or that it might be difficult to socialize. However, once they get there, many of them end up making a lot of connections and even long-term friends.

There are numerous opportunities presented to students in U.S colleges to socialize. They include clubs, sports, organizations, and social events. Furthermore, many colleges have fraternities and sororities that students can join.

It Is Unsafe 

Various occurrences over the years all over the news in the U.S might make it seem unsafe to study there. However, America is quite safe for students with their crime rate dropping every year. Collegians from different cultural and religious backgrounds are accepted and are safe. 

Furthermore, academic institutions are located in secure communities. They are also equipped with security where there are campus patrols who have the responsibility of protecting the academic community. Also, many campuses sponsor student escort services and even safe-ride amenities for learners to make them feel at home. 


Education in the U.S is among the best in the world. There are many resources allocated to universities to provide students with a complete learning experience. It makes them grow socially and academically into well-rounded people.

Furthermore, after completing your studies in the U.S, there are available opportunities for individuals in corporate America. Individuals can acquire jobs in their fields and even work their way up. When joining college, it might all seem overwhelming at first, but all you might need is a week or two to adjust to college life, and you will find that you fit right in.


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