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The Six Best Courses to Pursue Right Now

Posted on September 9, 2020 by Allen Brown

As a student who is ready to go to college, choosing your course is one of the major life decisions you will make. It is why a lot of parents or guardians are involved in the process and might seem overbearing on the matter. Selecting a course, for the most part, determines your future career, and that’s why students are exposed to career talks early in their education. Choosing the right course often involves factors such as:

  • One’s passion
  • Marketability/job opportunities
  • Entry requirements
  • Cost of tuition
  • Location

Students sometimes have trouble narrowing down their choices, especially when they meet the entry requirements for multiple courses. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide a list of courses with some of the most successful and fulfilling careers. The list is not in any particular order. 


Want to become an engineer? There are different types of engineering courses. For example, there is mechanical engineering, electronic, civil, chemical, and even aerospace engineering. Engineering courses are usually marketable in the current technological world. Fields such as mechanical engineering are quite extensive, and a degree in the course will make a student eligible to work in many companies in the modern age. 

Another major benefit of studying engineering is that some of the companies that hire students can sponsor their tuition and even further learning. Engineering requires students with analytical minds and who are good at finding solutions to problems. 


Nurses are essential in society. The doctors often overshadow these professionals, but they play a vital part in the hospital setting. Nursing has evolved over the years from being considered a one gender profession to demanding degrees for professionals to be licensed. It is a profession that a lot of people follow as a passion, specifically those who love helping others. 

Nursing is considered one of the safest paths for students because it has an impressive salary scale considering that there is always a ready place for nursing school graduates. To succeed in a nursing career, a student needs to be level headed, focused, and should have attention to detail, just like essay writers online do when crafting papers. 

Computer Science 

Computer science and IT courses are known to produce some of the highest-paid professionals in the market. A computer science degree can get students quite far, especially when combined with some knowledge in business. 

Computer science provides a path to various careers such as Software engineering, Data modeling, Network security administration, programming, IT auditing, Computer system analysis, and ethical hacking. Computer science knowledge can also be combined with fields like architecture for ambitious students.


Becoming a doctor is one of the most respected professionals from all over the world. The size of the paycheck alone can confirm it. Medicine is one of the courses that is more of a life commitment, considering the number of years students spend in school. One of the advantages of medical school is getting to choose your specialty. You can opt for surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, general practice, radiology, or pathology, among others. 

Courses in medicine assure students of employment opportunities immediately on completion, due to the ever demand for doctors. However, taking a course in medicine will require a lot of determination patience. 


Law is a versatile and durable industry for interested students. Professionals get a lot of options in the future career-wise since there are various types of law that practitioners can specialize in. Law requires students who love the resistance, helping people, and studying. 

It also pays quite well, but students have to pass the bar, which is usually a major hurdle. A law degree does not necessarily mean you need to pursue a career in the field. Law degrees have values even across other professions. 


Business is one of the degrees that provides a student with a range of career opportunities. It applies everywhere in the world and is connected to almost all other courses. Besides, occupations in the business industry are lucrative.

Furthermore, a professional can use their knowledge to launch their start-up as opposed to being employed. Noteworthy, business degrees are valued by employers, especially when combined with knowledge from other fields. 

Final Thoughts

Students have a lot of courses to consider when deciding on their futures. There are a lot of other lucrative courses aside from the ones mentioned above. Selecting a course/career path has to be a personal decision and not something that you have been coerced to do. The lack of passion is what makes some students quit halfway through to follow other dreams. So, it would be best if you choose a field that you are interested in.


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