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What is a heavy duty sewing machine?

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Allen Brown

Have you ever asked yourself, what is a heavy duty sewing machine? The answer is actually pretty simple. For centuries people have used heavy duty sewing machines for making clothes and sewing thick materials, like denim for jeans and leather for clothing or accessories, like purses or bracelets.

Back in the day, those sewing machines were manual and had a pedal that swung back and forth for the sewing machine to function properly. Nowadays, the best heavy duty sewing machine is electrical, because it is really easy to use and does not need a lot of effort for proper functioning.

Heavy duty sewing machines are machines that have more electrical power of the motor to allow you to sew faster because of the extra-high speed.

Even if you’re looking for a sewing machine for home use, as a hobby, or for everyday use at your job, you need a good sewing machine, as the machine adds to the whole sewing experience. When buying a sewing machine, you should keep in mind the work you want to do with it, the stitches it will require and the material you are going to use. Heavy duty sewing machines are the perfect choice for industrial work and also for home use as they are more durable and are made of high-quality materials, hence they require less maintenance.

Also, with a heavy duty sewing machine, you could work with all kinds of materials. Sure, the heavy duty sewing machines are made especially for sewing thick materials, like denim or leather, or multiple layers of materials, but you can successfully use them for thin materials, too. That is the reason why the experts choose heavy duty sewing machines over the normal ones: you don’t know what kind of material you’re going to work with and what kind of stitch you’ll need to do.

The features of the heavy duty sewing machine are also important when you are looking for the perfect one for your happiness. Some of them have some useful features: you can select the type of stitch you want to make from a list of stitches ranging up to 50 depending on the heavy duty sewing machine’s model. On some models, you can check your selection on the informative LCD screen and you can also see the length and width of the stitch. 

If you will be working with darker fabrics and threads then you might want to choose a heavy duty sewing machine from a website that has an incorporated LED or some kind of light for the working area. This light will help you see the details of your work and will also be perfect for working in a low-light environment. 

If you are having poor eyesight, there is a solution for you: you can choose a sewing machine heavy duty that has a secure threading system with an automatic needle threader. You just need to push one lever, and the built-in auto needle threader does all the work. Some heavy duty sewing machines include a starter’s sewing kit with a seam ripper, twin needle, ballpoint needle, bobbins, scissors, and more.

The power and the weight of the heavy duty sewing machine are also important. If you need a machine that is easy to carry around, from room to room, you might want to search for a sewing machine that does not weight a lot. Typically, heavy duty sewing machines come with a foot controller pedal, operation manual, and quick start guide.

The foot controller pedal allows you to have better control over the sewing machine without keeping your hands occupied so you can use them to handle the material. The start guide may include a detailed brochure about the stitches that can be done with the heavy duty sewing machine or a starter’s kit with some sewing accessories.

Last but not least, you should keep in mind what you want to do with your sewing machine. If you need a sewing machine for decorative stitches, you might be searching for an automatic heavy duty sewing machine that has a built-in stitch selector switch, which allows you to see and choose the perfect stitch for your project very easy.

So, if you want to express your art through fashion and you want to make some exquisite models that cannot be found anywhere else or you are looking to change your old sewing machine, in this review we recommend some criteria for choosing the perfect heavy duty sewing machine for you.


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