Former SVUSD superintendent endorses Anne Ching

Posted on October 15, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I live in Area 5 of the Sonoma Valley Unified School District. As a former SVUSD superintendent and middle school principal in the SVUSD for 18 years, I have had many people ask me which candidate to support for Trustee of Area 5 in the upcoming election. 

In my research, I looked at the websites of each candidate and also consulted with many educators connected to the SVUSD. Both candidates are qualified. However, in thinking about what is best for the effectiveness of the SVUSD Board of Trustees at this point in time, I am supporting Anne Ching as Trustee for Area 5. 

My rationale:

* The fiscal acumen and professional training and experience Anne has will be invaluable to the District. Anne is committed to expecting that clear and accurate information be shared with the public with respect to bond priorities and expenditures as well as with all SVUSD budgets including the fiscal impact of declining enrollment . 

* Anne’s graduate degree in public policy and her respected skills in data analysis 

will be of great help to the Board of Trustees as they focus on the  increased challenges related to distance learning and how to support strategies to improve student performance at all levels.

* Anne’s skills in speaking Spanish will be of great benefit in strengthening the Board’s connection to the Latino community, especially since 60% of the student population of the SVUSD is Latino. 

* Anne’s has extensive experiences within the SVUSD as a parent, active district and school committee member, and involvement on the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation where she served as a Board member and President.

I am also impressed by the LOCAL endorsements for Anne Ching from individuals highly respected within the Sonoma Valley community — especially since a school trustee should be a non- partisan political position.

Vote Anne Ching as Trustee for Area 5 of the SVUSD Board of Trustees.

— Marilyn P. Kelly, Ed.D, Sonoma, Superintendent, SVUSD, (1994-2001), retired


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