Activities to Beat Boredom

Posted on November 24, 2020 by Allen Brown

In 2020, we have all suddenly found ourselves with a lot more free time, but with limited access to some of the places we like to go to during our free time! Whether it’s to meet our friends in our favorite coffee shop or watch our favorite sports team, we haven’t been able to do lots of the things we enjoy and beat boredom. Therefore, in this post, we explore some activities we can do at home that can beat the boredom and bring a semblance of joy to our lives.

Play Games 

Playing games is an engaging way to pass the time, and there are so many options available to us. We could go old school and play board games with our family, or we may enjoy playing on our games consoles online against some of our friends. We can also enjoy playing games by signing up for new online casinos and playing some of the slot games and some of the more traditional card games. With a small amount of money in your account, you can have hours of fun playing the slots, playing bingo, or playing poker. It’s a great way to vary your day and beat the boredom!

Enjoy Classic Movies 

Classic movies are often overlooked for the more recent action-packed blockbusters with excellent graphics. But there is something so charming about watching classic movies, from when filming was much different. Set some time aside in the evening to stream a classic like Casablanca or Citizen Kane and immerse yourself in the movie!

Take Photographs 

Many of us are active on social media every day, but we’re not necessarily intentional with the content we post. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to curate a much more deliberate social media profile for yourself, and you would like to take pictures of some of your hobbies, like cooking or gardening. Developing an interest in photography can be incredibly rewarding, even if you just take photos on your phone.

Learn a New Skill 

A great way to beat boredom is to fill some of your spare time learning a new skill, as this gives you a purpose and a motivation to be active when it’s all too easy to just lie on the sofa. You could learn a new language using one of the many language learning platforms online, or you could even learn how to play an instrument. Go on, get creative!


Incorporating enjoyable, regular exercise into our daily routine is essential for our health but is also a great way to fill some downtime. If we’re purposeful with our exercise and plan it into our day, we begin to look forward to it instead of seeing it as a chore. There are many free apps available on our smartphones that encourage us to exercise and inform us of muscle building exercises that can be done at home and while you may not be able to get out and play football with friends or bet on your favorite match, you can still train towards getting back into things next year.

Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts 

I know many people don’t have the patience to sit and read a whole book, particularly after a tiring day. Sometimes it can just seem like too much effort, which is understandable. But we are so lucky to have so many great resources, like Audible and Spotify at our disposal, that provide us with endless hours of our favorite shows and books read by some of our favorite celebrities and authors. Listening to audio is a great way to unwind and relax and fill time and beat the boredom!


In conclusion, there are many activities that we can do at home to beat the boredom; we just have to get a little creative and try things that we might not ordinarily do. Once we experiment with new skills and activities, we can fill our free time with meaningful activities that give us purpose and bring us joy.



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