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Who Could be Named a Dark Horse in the UK Business in 2020

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Allen Brown

Over the past couple of years, several technology companies in the UK, including developers of new slot games, have grown and transformed into drivers of economic growth, consumer preferences and financial markets. For instance, the largest technology stocks of companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have spectacularly outperformed the broader market in recent years. This has been the case mainly because tech plays a key role in reshaping how we communicate, consume information, socialize, go shopping and work.

In a general sense, firms within the technology sector take part in the research, design and ultimately production of technology-based goods and services that become part and parcel of our daily lives. They develop software and produce computers, mobile devices and household electrical appliances. On top of that, they provide customers with products and services that relate to information technology.

To get a glimpse of what the future may look like or rather the companies that will be making the biggest moves within the next couple of years, let’s look into the UK’s most successful, privately-owned technology companies. Our focus today will particularly be on companies that have won the Megabuyte awards in 2020, a prestigious award that celebrates the best-performing mid-market and scale-up tech firms in the UK based on tight criteria. The movers and shakers include:

1. Interact

Interact is a global enterprise software company that provides users with intranet software and associated services. The company’s services are focused on improving workplace communication, productivity and collaboration, using advanced user-friendly techniques and software products.

Interact falls amongst a group of fast-growing intranet software developers, capable of efficiently competing head-to-head against SharePoint consultancies. Of late, the firm’s creation of products has produced incredibly pertinent solutions as office themes, including staff retainment, culture, and peer-to-peer education begin taking the center stage of all kinds of businesses. Having been part of the 2019 Megabuyte Emerging Stars awards, Interact is currently at the top of the Magabuyte50 group of technology companies. The firm is currently standing within the top-quartile for all development, productivity and cash flow metrics.

1. Wireless Logic Group

Wireless Logic offers connectivity along with platform service management for the mobile machine to machine (m2m) services for businesses not only in the UK but also in mainland Europe. Wireless Logic has realized steady growth of organic revenue, boosting EBITDA margins, exceptional working cash conversion and great FCF generation from vending airtime and associated m2m services to various businesses. 

The company’s incredible innovation has led to its constant appearance close to the top of the Megabuyte50. Thanks to this consistency, there have been three changes of private equity owner, all at considerably better valuations, with the most leading to a buyout by Montagu Private Equity. 

2. Redgate Software

Redgate Software is a software company headquartered in Cambridge, England. The company offers about 40 database tools focusing on Microsoft and SQL stacks to a mainly international client base consisting of the Fortune 100. Redgate Software had been getting stronger and stronger in the wake of a major restructuring procedure back in 2016. 

At the moment, the company has cracked down on its essential database DevOps abilities and developing its product collection to match the needs of large businesses moving tasks to the Cloud and the database management needs that accompany this. And by the looks of things, this won’t stop any soon, seeing as the firm continues to get bigger globally. Moreover, Redgate uses strategic acquisitions to expand its collection of products.


BJSS entered the technology scene as a pure-play provider of software services. As we speak, the company offers a broad array of testing, data analytics, business analysis, outsource development, along with system integration services. 

As a provider of software services, BJSS’s top-secret has been its robust account management abilities. Owing to these abilities, the company has developed vital account relationships via which it has delivered constant double-digit growth. There’s a lot more runaway to go, with the management positive on upbeat market conditions as well as the payoffs of fresh propositions and technologies. Moving forward, implementation will depend a great deal on having the ability to cope with demand.

4. Twinkl

Twinkl is a platform-led technology company that provides educational content directed towards primary and early secondary education. Twinkl enjoys a unique position within the UK’s educational content marketplace. Its platform-led offering has led to it not fighting for deals against the large publishers whilst still having the ability to provide an all-inclusive content suite. 

The firm prides itself on a robust bank of proprietary content created over several years, with an internal team continuously producing new resources and learning materials. The local and global growth has been strengthened by the aptitude to fruitfully leverage brand awareness via social media as a current strategic effort to provide its platform to entire schools and parents. This has unlocked new growth avenues that see the company become more successful year after year as it makes much-needed contributions to the UK’s educational sector.

The technology companies that we’ve mentioned here are among the cream of the crop of a host of awarding winning private tech brands based in the UK. They provide a broad array of quality services and are geared up to personalize products per consumer needs (as is the case with demo games like the Fruit Warp demo play for online casino players who want to test the product for free first), and this gives them a unique position for growth and dominating the industry. If you were wondering who could be named a dark horse in the UK business in 2020, one of these five companies will almost certainly get the prestigious title this year!


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