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Which Crystals Cannot Be Together?

Posted on February 11, 2021 by Allen Brown

Crystals were first discovered as an alternative medicine for healing. Now, crystals are becoming famous for the effects and unique traits that it gives to its owner. Acquiring a crystal and bringing them with you promotes physical, spiritual, and mental healing. 

Some crystals negate negative energy, boost your mood, calms you down, amplify your energy, motivate you, interact positively with your body’s chakra, alleviate stress, ignite creativity, and many more. There is no proper explanation of why people believe that crystals can give different vibes and have special powers, but the power of these crystals lies in their beholder’s eyes, so the more you believe in it, the more you will feel its power.

Many people do not know the meaning and function of different crystals, which will affect the purchase judgment of first-time crystal buyers. Crystal merchants can try to customize exclusive crystal labels. Different labels have different crystal colors and styles, as well as brief meanings. These labels can be affixed to product packaging, display cabinets, or as a gift in the store to indirectly increase the desire to buy.

Crystals and Gemstones are fascinating and beautiful. Each stone possesses different energy and gemstone meanings. In theory, their energies can repel and supplement other crystals. That’s why specific stones shouldn’t be paired together. 

1. Carnelian and Amethyst

Carnelian crystal boosts a person’s energy, while Amethyst calms your energy down. This means that they will cancel each other out and send a confusing signal into your chakra. 

As a result, you will feel uncomfortable and uneasy because your chakra would be confused if they would boost your energy or calm you down. It would help if you tried to think of what you want to achieve. In that way, your crystals will gravitate towards that situation and try to use it as a supplement. For example, if you’re going to paint something, you can use your Carnelian to boost your creative energy, and if you are angry, use your Amethyst to calm you down.

2. Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper

When people get depressed, they usually use their Red Jasper crystal to boost their energy together with a Blue Lace agate to calm them down and slow down their emotions. Little did they know, combining Red Jasper with Blue Lace agate when you are depressed is a bad match-up. 

Red crystals are known to amplify your energy, and if you have low energy, a red crystal will boost that low energy, which will make you more depressed. When your low energy is increased, the blue lace agate will slow down the process, which will cause you to feel down for the rest of the day.

3. Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine

Whenever you are in a job interview, having Clear Quartz and a Green Aventurine would be the wrong pair for you. Bringing a Green Aventurine will most likely help you to be calm, but if you think having Clear Quartz will boost your energy after, then you might be wrong. With that use registered business address service to improve your business.

4. Sunstones and stones that are associated with Saturn and Venus. 

To unleash the full capacity of your sunstones, avoid mixing them with antagonistic stones with vibrational frequencies. If you have rubies, don’t mix them with garnet, sapphires, and diamonds because they don’t work together.

5. Gomed and Cat’s eye

Rahu and Ketu in Hindi folklore cannot be placed side by side. Gomed is the gemstone of planet Rahu and Cat’s eye represents planet Ketu. If you have a Gomed crystal and a Cat’s Eye crystal, it is like you are inviting negative energy and evil effects to your life. If they are mixed, Gomed may bring indulgence, mental illness, theft, death, restlessness, and many more negative things into you.

Numerology is closely related to astrology. Which crystal is suitable for you largely depends on your angel number. Such as the people who are following angel number 1616 are naturally very much optimistic and so their crystal should also follow this nature.


84 thoughts on “Which Crystals Cannot Be Together?

    1. Always go with what feels right. This article is “general” and everyone is bio-individual.

      Meditate with your stones and hone in on how you feel. You’ll know – trust yourself. ♥️

      1. Just made this mix in bracelet, please tell if its ok..Labradorite, malachite, moonstone, adventurine, lapis lazuli, smookey quarts, moss agate and moonstone

  1. Can I put black obsidian, red jasper and garnet together? They are some of my favourites but I’m not sure if I can combine them all.

    1. While I feel it’s important to respect everyone’s beliefs, this article is really misleading. The users intent is what is most important. Red aventurine is a grounding stone that symbolizes empowerment while carnelian is a motivator that promotes longevity and stamina. Absolutely use those together! They’re balancing! The bottom line is do what feels right for you. People who tell you there’s a wrong way are typically selling something. Your intuition will tell you what’s right.

    1. Yes, you can own both just don’t put them beside each other, give them room around crystals they work well with

      1. what effects occur when blue morganite and opal rings are worn together? i received a blue morganite ring that came with an opal ring yesterday. but whenever i wear them together, i’m faced with hostility from friends and family. but when they’re removed everything is calm. are those crystals not supposed to be worn together? is there anyway that i can cleanse my morganite and opal crystals?

        1. Selenite is a good way to cleanse/ charge your crystals. I have a selenite charging plate. It works amazingly well.

  2. Can one wear both carnelian bracelet with rose quartz bracelet first and second can rose quartz bracelet and carnelian bracelet be wore on left wrist.

    1. Maybe not in our American English … but many British English words DO have that spelling. (colour, favourite, and more)

    2. There is a u in favourite if you learned to spell in Canada 🇨🇦 or Great Britain 🇬🇧.

  3. I have acquired a multitude of gemstones. Would you have a download available with the does and don’ts of stones? Thank you

  4. Outside the US, it is spelled correctly with a “u”. Just may not be your flavour.

  5. Can I store my sapphire and ruby together? I found your article after organizing my crystal shelf and I have your ruby and sapphire next to eachother. I saw where it says not to wear them together.

  6. My boyfriend made me a necklace with marine agate, purple amethyst, socialite, rhodochrosite, lava rock and white opal sooo are these ok to have together?

    1. can green quartz and pink agate be worn together?
      also i want to make a crown with a black stone i forgot the name, malachite and jade can i do that?

      1. Can I pair a dragon from mid evil times with a T. rex from their times?? Or will they end up counter acting each other?? I need to know ASAP. I’m new to this, and had no idea two rocks could damage someone’s energy. It’s a scary world out there.

  7. There really aren’t do’s and don’ts other than safety, is this poisonous? Is this dangerous if I drop it? Can this go in water? Will it lighten if left in the sun.
    I stopped reading after Amethyst and Carnelian. The writer says they will ‘confuse’ the chakra. Which one? Why not just use it outside of the chakra? I can see amethyst and Carnelian being good for presentations or exams. When you need to keep your mind on it, but need to not lose it either. Amethyst is not a sedative, though it will calm you. While Carnelian will give you confidence. The blend is a lovely top/bottom connection, balancing the spiritual to the grounded. Yet on a different day, Carnelian may be too energetic and Amethyst alone, or with another beauty could be your medicine for the day. Look at what you need. Our energetic framework is much bigger than a weak chakra (they are weak, though debilitating). If you are in a relationship breakdown for example, wearing black tourmaline for grounding and protection, malachite for the heartache and sodalite for spiritual connection will find you healing and balanced, despite being all over the place in what they do.
    Just know the dangerous stuff. This must not pair together is just a reason to write an article, not factual.

    1. At last some common sense. Thank you. I too believe that a lot of supposed no mix crystals can indeed work great when combined. I intuitively feel a sense of disharmony if a certain crystal combination is not for me or my benefit.

  8. That’s a great response. I program mine to a specific characteristic I want for it so I don’t combine crystals that will have opposite effects. I am still learning but this helped me out because I almost ran to my collection after reading this but you are right.

  9. If they work as strong as you believe than you have ruined it for everyone as no one would believe this until you told them.

  10. Can i wear amethyst bracelet and carnelian necklace?
    I mean they don’t collide or touch but they’re still on me

  11. Iam wearing bracelets of Jade, Carnelian, citrine, clear quartz, black tourmaline, Rose quartz, moonstone, coral, ruby, seven chakra. All together in left hand, are these all compatible with eachother ?

  12. Wait, i dont think this is correct. You need to program your crystals so they will send you the healing enery you need. Each stone has more than 1 spirital/healing property. I program my canelian for enhanced creatitivity and i program my amethyst for peace of mind, not to overthink my creations and provide a happy experience while crafting. They both go together and make excellent pairings. 👌😁

  13. I have an emerald, Botswana agate and a dragon Bloodstone together. Is this ok? I didn’t see anything but I’m very new to gem stones. Thank you for call your help.

  14. How about a 5 combination for sleep, im thinking of Sunstone, Moonstone, Carnelian, Labadorite and Howlite
    im not sure about Howlite but the rest would be okay

  15. This is absolute nonsense. All crystals work synergistically together. I often pair the above with no abverse effects.

    Follow your own intuition not this fools suggestions!

    1. Hi
      Please could you advise me if i can use multiple blue third eye crystals at once. Also can i mix third eye crystals in a grid ?
      Many thanks

  16. Can Snowflake obsidian and aquamarine be left together??? And if so can they both go in water together???

  17. Much of this doesn’t make sense to me, because many crystals have many different uses, and it depends on the intentions you ask each one to offer. Also, clear quartz is universally known to be able to charge and amplify ANY other crystal, so it’s a powerful ally that can be matched with any other stone.

  18. I am new to stones/crystals. I am reaching out because of all the negativity my life has gotten along with very low self esteem. I’m 52 and trying something new. Is there a book you recommend for a person who is new to stones and crystals world? So far I’ve got purple amethyst, rose quarts and green aventurine. Each on its own necklace. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi I wish I could answer that for you, but unfortunately I’m in the same position as yourself, I’m 48yo suffer from anxiety attacks frequently an I have depression, so I started buying crystals as I’d always been interested in their energy, an of course their beauty, u were a tourmaline bracelet with a gold sun stone (although it’s a midnight navy colour) an a black chalcedony on 1 wrist an a rose quartz an on with mixed stones, I feel they help especially with my anxiety, which is a blessing as even the Dr couldn’t help me as I refused diazepam, as didn’t want to end up dependent, so I think go with your intuition, I also have a shelf full of amethyst on on side an one with carnelian on opposite side an I feel the energy as soon as I walk in, if it felt bad I’d remove it but it doesn’t, so I’ll keeo it up for now. Blessings

  19. I’m new on this gemstones world,
    Just bought black tourmaline and morganite
    Is that ok or not to wear them together? Or is it dangerous and giving the opposite effect?

  20. I normally wouldn’t comment but I’m new to crystals and find them amazing. True that everyone should interpret each stone as it applies to them, for each of our energy makeup is different. So adjust accordingly. What gets me is number 3. Clear quartz and green adventurine. It goes on to say that “red” crystals… there is no red crystal? I’m going to take this with a grain of salt. My intuition is telling me that the Sonoma sun is not the leading expert in this area. Have a great day.

  21. Can I put pyrite, rainbow fluorite and clear quartz
    I need to know if i can put them together. And i have snowflake obsidian and obsidian can those go together. Last question can you put all of them close together.

  22. Can clear quartz, pyrite and rainbow fluorite are good together. And are snowflake obsidian and obsidian good together and last question can I put all of these rocks together.

  23. What gemstone isn’t complimentary with Lapis Lazuli ?
    I ‘m hypersensitive to the energies in this stone & become exhausted becausr of it

  24. I have read many different websites about semi previous gemstone and mineral meanings. I can tell you that not one explains the “meanings” or “powers” of each recently the same. Can I say they don’t possess some scientifically unexplained influence over people? No. Can I say for sure they do? No. As this person stated, if you believe it does, then it most likely will. Whether by some unseen force or through self actualization, I also believe they can be helpful tools. Now, do I feel that no two should be paired together based on these beliefs? Absolutely not. I think that if whatever combination of gemstones or minerals makes you feel more at ease, more confident, luckier, or stronger and helps you be a better you, then go for it. This is the very first time I’ve ever heard about not putting one with another.

  25. Hi hi, I have a question. Could I use clear quartz and purple agate together? And could I wear clear quartz while carrying purple agate? Thank you <3

  26. Can you mix amethyst, rose quartz and citrine bc ik you can mix amethyst and rose quartz but i cant find if you can mix citrine with either of them and i dont know what the effect would be

    1. You can keep it together
      You can also find products of amethyst and Citrine crystals together so i guess it’s totally safe.

  27. I have a baby raven skull was going to mix gold obsidian and dalmatian jasper beads w clear cracked quartz to make a tailsman. Or garnet what are your thoughts

  28. i mean im making a bracelet, orange corals and multicolor agate.. i want to know if i can mix both stones together.. thank you..

  29. Wear what ever makes you feel comfortable & calms your energy, even if you want or need excess energy you need it too be calming.

  30. Why should Taureans not wear tigers eye & what can I use instead for balancing my chakra? Most bracelets, necklaces etc for your chakras include tigers eye.

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