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Moving to a new house in Sonoma Valley to-do list 

Posted on February 15, 2021 by Allen Brown

Whether you’re moving to Sonoma or you already live within the city but are changing properties, a to-do list is a useful way to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

If you are moving into the area, we hope you enjoy our community spirit as we welcome you to our beautiful city.

What things should I do to help me prepare to move to a new house in Sonoma Valley?

Pack in advance

  • It is highly advisable that you pack in advance to ensure you have sufficient time to prepare for your move date fully. 
  • A nice starting point is beginning to pack away clothing you won’t need to wear any time soon, including any backup products you may have for cleaning purposes, etc.

Organize your food 

  • If you have cupboards filled with lots of tinned food and packets, it would be advantageous for you to begin organizing them. To do this, you could purchase several large baskets and fill them according to the types of products you have.

Dismantle furniture 

  • Although a time-consuming part of moving to a new house, dismantling furniture is something you will probably have to leave until nearer the day of the move. This is because wardrobes, for example, will still be in daily use up until around the time of moving to a new house. However, any furniture which can be dismantled before this should be done so to save time. 

Change your address on documents 

  • Changing the address on your documents is easily forgotten but highly important. You do not want your private and confidential post going to your previous property, where new residents are living. 

Use appropriate storage 

  • From cardboard boxes to vacuum bags to storage units – a vital part of moving to a new house in Sonoma Valley is deciding what type of storage you are going to be using.
  • If you have a big family with a lot of furniture that needs storing, a good idea would be to rent a storage unit as they are a logical way to appropriately store your items. 

For more information on storage units, feel free to look at Milwaukee self-storage units at your own leisure.

Confirm an exact date 

  • Confirming a date that is set-in-stone is beneficial to give you something to work towards. When you know exactly when you are moving, you can begin any preparation, such as beginning to de-clutter and give unwanted items to local charities here in Sonoma. 

Finish food that is in your freezer

  • Before you do any extra shopping, look through your freezer and plan to eat the remaining food in there by the time you move. It would be a shame for any of it to go to waste.

Go through the garage and attic 

  • If you have a garage or attic, or both, you know these are the two most notorious places in the property for becoming filled with storage. Moving to a new house is a brilliant opportunity to de-clutter your possessions and items you may be hoarding. 

Hire a van 

  • Once you have set a moving date, hire a local removal company to assist you. It would be easier to have a professional involved in the process as they know exactly what they are doing and can provide a big enough vehicle to transport all your furniture to a new location here in Sonoma. 

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