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Pros and Cons of Self-Education

Posted on April 16, 2021 by Allen Brown

You can’t go wrong with learning more about the pros and cons of self-education. The wrong approach to your studies can easily kill the spark for the knowledge you have. 

These days many people choose to start the path of self-education. People choose to learn discipline, skills, or crafts by themselves for several reasons. First, the Internet is not only full of free resources, instructions, and materials we can use, but it also offers services where one can hire dissertation writers from for academic needs. Second, not everyone has the time and money to enroll in classes and fit them into our tight schedule. Third, they can buy essay for their formal classes cheap and never care about college problems., many of us love to be independent in our beginnings.

Overall, there are many advantages and disadvantages we should consider when planning to self-educate ourselves. Here are some of them. 

Pros: You set the pace

Teachers often have at least one student in their class who is very bright but often very naughty. This kid can’t sit throughout the entire class without getting into trouble. Do you know why that often happens? This kid is often bored out of their mind. If they are as bright as the teachers describe them, you don’t need to explain anything twice.

So when other students need plenty of repetition to learn something, the kid gets bored and starts misbehaving. Boredom kills all of your initial interest in the subject. Eventually, this kid may even stay behind everyone else because they lose their drive for knowledge.

When you self-educate yourself, you can pick your own pace. You know how much information is too much for you in one session. You know how much time you can stay focused on something. Many of us lose our interest as soon as we don’t see progress right away. You can keep your interest high by setting the right pace and learning just enough to see progress but staying hungry for more. 

Cons: You can miss out on something

We have teachers for a reason. They make sure we are not missing out on important information. If you are learning a foreign language on your own, you can miss the point of a single grammar rule that will mess up your entire understanding of that language. You will have to spend hours figuring out where you had it wrong. 

A teacher can share with you some insights into the discipline. They can also give you some useful tips and suggestions. After all, they spend years teaching people, so they accumulate valuable experience of presenting new information to others. You may lack some of that wisdom when trying to learn everything by yourself. 

Overall, if you really are stuck somewhere or simply don’t understand the material, you have no one to count on but yourself. Things like this will slow you down and will challenge your process. Frustration is the biggest enemy of education. 

Pros: You save a lot of money 

Needless to say, you get to save a lot of money when self-teaching. Of course, it all depends on what you want to learn, how fast, and what resources you need for it. These days, you can find many free classes online. Yet, many disciplines and skills require more than just online classes. You may need practical classes, materials, textbooks, and so on.

Depending on what you want to learn, you may even need to combine free online classes with self-education. Still, in general, self-education will cost you much less than attending in-person classes. You can spend money only occasionally, like when you need a new book, essay writing help, or completing certification once you mastered a discipline. 

Cons: You have to do everything yourself

It kind of goes without saying that in self-education, you have to do everything yourself. You are the teacher and the student. Thinking about it, people often struggle with being either one of those things. Not all students can be good without a teacher’s intervention and hard discipline. Not all teachers can be good without proper experience and confidence. 

By taking both roles in your education process, you are setting yourself up for a double failure. Hence, you also need to work twice as hard to succeed. 

Of course, the difficulty of your task shouldn’t be too hard when you have good motivation. In case you love the subject you are learning or have a clear understanding of why you are doing it, you will succeed. 

Pros/Cons: Self-discipline

Depending on where you stand, self-discipline can be your major con or great advantage. In case you have no self-discipline at all, self-education may not be the best option for yourself. You’ll have to work on your discipline, time-management, and commitment issues before you return to your classes. Learning new things requires dedication, commitment, discipline, and willpower. In case you know you struggle with even some of those things, you may reconsider self-education and enroll in classes. 

However, if you do feel confident enough about your ability to discipline yourself, you should give self-education a try. In case you are certain that you can do it, self-education will only benefit your personal growth in the long run. Teaching yourself a discipline will take a lot of effort, time, research, and dedication. However, if you can pull it off, you can do anything. Your success here will boost your confidence and inspire you for even bigger achievements.


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